Sep 28, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Causes Fatal Car Crash in Russia

What's the first rule of UFO club? If you see a UFO while driving, pull over! A man in Izhevsk, Russia, failed to follow this simple rule and ended up in a fatal car crash. The incident was recorded on the dash cam of a car behind it and corroborated by other drivers on the road – many of whom also failed to follow Rule #1 but lived to tell the story and watch for UFOs another day.

The incident took place on September 18th on a road near Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurt Republic in western Russia. As can be seen in the dash cam video, a small car was driving normally down the road when a truck in front of it pulled suddenly to the right. The small car makes a late swerve to avoid it and a oncoming car plows into it. Looks like your normal cell phone texting accident, right?

crash 570x307
The crash caused by a UFO

Until you look closer. A UFO is passing over the road ahead of the truck and small car. It appears the truck driver was watching the UFO’s erratic flight path, as was the driver of the small car. The police say other drivers who witnessed the crash also reported seeing the UFO. The 60-year-old driver of the small car was killed, his 22-year-old passenger suffered severe injuries and the truck driver was taken to the hospital in shock, so their accounts were not yet available.

What about the UFO? As the crash unfolded, the UFO zigzagged over and disappeared behind some trees. Why didn’t it stop to help? Guilt? In a hurry to a more important volcano eruption?

UFO  570x359
UFO closeup

What exactly was this UFO? It was certainly unusual enough that many people in the area watched it – one fatally. Did that poor driver see something he wasn’t supposed to see? Will the passenger and the truck driver be able to remember what they saw? Will they want to?

Paul Seaburn

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