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UFO From Portal May Be Aliens Returning to Canary Islands

New photographs circulating on the Internet appear to show a portal opening over the Canary Islands and a UFO exiting from it. This may be an indication that the aliens seen in a well-documented UFO sighting in 1976 have returned to the Canary Islands.

According to rough Google translations from local media sources, a Stargate or dimensional portal (their words) appeared in September 2015 over the convent of San Francesco (St. Francis – an alien connection to Pope Francis?) in the town of Teguise. A large disc-shaped object emerged from the portal and then released a smaller hemispherical craft.

ufo portal 570x355
This series of photographs shows the large UFO, the smaller UFO and the cloud-like portal above them

That’s all of the information to date on this UFO and portal over the Canary Islands – except for speculation that it could be the return of aliens and a spherical UFO seen by scores of witnesses in 1976.

hemisphere 570x357
Magnified image of the smaller UFO

According to various reports of the incident, thousands of witnesses in Tenerife, La Palma, and La Gomera reported seeing strange lights overhead on June 22nd, 1976. The witnesses included the crew of the Spanish Navy’s armed escort ship Atrevida which was off the coast of Fuerteventura Island at the time.

An official account by the ship’s captain (released in 1994 under a freedom of information act) stated that the blue and yellow lights at first appeared to be from a conventional aircraft. When they faded, another beam appeared that rotated like a searchlight. These lights were visible to the crew for 40 minutes, yet nothing could be picked up on the ship’s radar.

canary sphere 570x393
A photograph of the lights seen over the Canary Islands in 1976

The records also contained a report by Doctor Francisco Padron Leon. While traveling to make a house call in Guia, he and his taxi driver witnessed a lighted spherical object hovering just above or possibly on the ground. The doctor said the object had a radius of 30 meters and was transparent, allowing him and the driver to see inside.

aliens1 570x597
An artist's impression from the government files of the aliens and their craft

What they reportedly saw were two humanoids approximately 8 to 10 feet tall with large heads covered by helmets. The aliens were dressed in red uniforms and sat at consoles facing each other. The doctor had arrived at his patient’s house and brought out the family who also witnessed this. At some point, the craft filled with blue smoke, lifted off, expanded to twice its size, then shrank and disappeared.

The 1976 Canary Island UFO sighting is regarded as one of the most credible because of the number of qualified witnesses. No explanation has ever been given.

And now the aliens have possibly returned to the Canary Islands. What next?

ufo over mission1 570x338
What time are services and do you provide a translator?

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