Sep 29, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFOs Over Guadalajara May Be Warnings of Colima Eruption

Three September UFO sightings over Guadalajara, Mexico, may be warning signs that the nearby Colima volcano is about to erupt again, possibly violently. A UFO was seen near the volcano five days prior to an ash-filled eruption on July 9th, 2015, that closed the airport and forced the evacuation of nearby towns. Will officials and residents listen this time?

The first UFO was spotted and recorded over Guadalajara on September 13th at about 6 p.m. There’s not much else to report but the fact that it was in Guadalajara near the Volcán de Colima automatically makes it significant.

The second sighting took place in Guadalajara on September 19th at 5:30 pm and shows an orb flying overhead.

The third UFO was recorded on September 27th over Guadalajara in the same location (and most likely by the same person) as the second and the witness describes it as being diamond-shaped.

All three of these videos were uploaded to the Internet by the same individual but it’s unclear whether the uploader is also the witness in any of these cases. It would be helpful to have more information in every case.

However, the fact that they’re in Guadalajara should be enough to alarm locals. Volcán de Colima is active and dangerous. It has erupted over 30 times since 1585 with the last major eruption in 1913. However, increased activity in the 1990s forced officials and geologists to put it under constant visual surveillance.

Apparently, whoever is sending the UFOs had the same idea. In addition to the sighting prior to the ash eruption in July, a horse-shaped UFO was seen near the volcano in January 2015. UFOs have been seen at active volcanoes around the world both before and after eruptions.

These recent sightings in Guadalajara are a little over 100 miles from the volcano. There has been new activity at Colima in August and September. Perhaps the UFOs are warning of a big eruption that will endanger a wide area.

colima erupt 570x369
Colima in January 2015

What should officials and nearby residents do? To err is human … to listen to UFO warning sounds like better idea.

Paul Seaburn

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