Oct 27, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

A Wolf, a Bear, a Mouse and a Man Watching Them on Mars

The number of animals seen roaming around on Mars keeps getting larger by the day and now it looks like there may be a shepherd watching over them. The latest pictures from the Curiosity Rover show what look like a wolf, a bear, a mouse on a rock and a bearded man sitting. Has the holiday season started already on Mars too?

bear circled 570x392
A bear on Mars?

The bear photo was taken in the Gale Crater. The creature seems to be walking over or around rocks way from the sun, as its shadow appears slighting in front of it. The texture looks like some sort of fur or hair and there may be a tail in the back. What is the bear looking for?

mouse 570x227
A mouse on Mars?

Depending on its size, it may be hunting for a Martian mouse to eat. This image from August shows what looks like a small white rodent or rodent-like creature peering over a rock. Could this be a lab mouse that escaped from a Martian laboratory?

man 570x278
A bearded man on Mars?

Perhaps the bearded man knows where the rodent came from. It looks like he’s seated on or behind a rock. While the first person who comes to mind when most people see a beard is Santa Claus, the recent appearance of a Buddha statue on Mars may lead one to believe followers of other deities have visited the planet and erected statues of their religious figures as well. Not to mention Santa.

mars wolf curiosity 570x383
A wolf or wolfish dog on Mars?

If these creatures were brought to Mars by humans, it’s a good bet that one of the first animals to make the trip would be a dog. This image of a canine-like creature could be a wolf or a wolf-like dog, possibly a sheep dog. Could it be looking for the bearded man? Is the man a shepherd? You can insert your own religious ideas here.

A man, a wolf, a bear and a mouse. Interesting images of creatures or statues. Are they really just rocks?

Paul Seaburn

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