Oct 11, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Peruvian Girl Gets Possessed While Using Ouija Board App

If you thought that the worst thing that you could get on your cell phone was a sext message from a creepy politician, guess again. A girl in Peru downloaded a Ouija board app to her phone, tried it out and ended up seemingly possessed by an evil spirit. This isn’t the first report of demons using cell phones. Is it time to go back to landlines and phone booths?

According to witnesses, 18-year-old Patricia Quispe from Chosica, Peru, downloaded a Ouija board app to her smartphone at the urging of her friends (what a surprise!). Apparently Patricia and her friends used the app for a while, then the party broke up and she went home.

Her parents noticed Patricia was acting strangely (strange than usual – after all, she’s a teenager). In this case, “strange” meant foaming at the mouth, convulsing and screaming. Thinking she may have taken drugs or eaten something that made her sick, they contacted her friends who confessed it might be the Ouija app.


The parents called paramedics (hopefully with a different phone) who restrained Patricia and took her to the hospital. The video of this shows her struggling and screaming “Please give me my phone” (not unusual) and “666” (OK, now that’s weird).

Witnesses believed Patricia was possessed by a demon because her personality changed, she became unusually strong, spoke in a different and loud voice and flailed around uncontrollably (they’ve obviously never sat in the stands during a college football game).

After being examined in the emergency room, poor Patricia was committed to the hospital’s psychiatric ward for further evaluation. There was no word if an exorcist had been called.

Is Patricia Quispe just a susceptible teen, possibly one with hidden psychological issues, or is this something deeper and more sinister? As we’ve seen here, it’s often hard to tell the difference.

pope cuba 1 570x322
Did Pope Francis visiting Cuba stir up demons?

Did Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba and the U.S. stir up demonic activity in the rest of the Western Hemisphere? Was the pope hoping this would happen to increase enrollment in his exorcism school? Stories of demons communicating through smartphones are increasing. Could it be linked to the large number of Ouija board apps available for download?

Did this ever happen with phone booths?


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