Oct 07, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Pigs Can’t Fly but Boars are Swimming and Hitting the Beach

It’s a well-known fact that pigs can’t fly without the aid of wings, a cannon or a pet-tolerant airline, but can they swim? Recent videos show that the most macho of pigs – the wild boar – can swim and likes to strut up and down beaches, kicking sand in the faces of wimpy humans and picking fights.

From Italy, where the best hams are dried, comes the story of a wet and wild swimming boar. It’s a commonly held belief that pigs can’t swim because their strange swine-stroke would cause them to cut their own throats with their sharp little trotters – also known as pigs’ feet. A boatload of Italian fishermen who believed this were suitably shocked when they found a wild boar swimming in circles without slicing its own throat.


Not only that, the boar was obviously a pretty good swimmer since it was treading water 6 km off the coast of Taranto in the heel of southern Italy’s boot. They managed to get it into the boat but had a tougher time controlling it as the boar rammed the sides until they reached the shore and then jumped out and ran into a pine forest. Being typical fishermen, they estimated the boar to be at least 6 feet tall and weighed over two tons.

When they’re not swimming, it appears boars like to get wild on the beach. A security camera in Da Peng, China, recorded a 176-pound wild boar charging at a group of people having dinner on a tourist beach.


They must have been dining on sweet-and-sour pork because the angry boar attacked some of the people severely enough to necessitate a trip to the hospital to get patched up. Unlike the Italian swine, this beach bully boar was brought down by local police.

When will wild boars get along with swimmers, fishermen and beachgoers? When pigs fly. Of course.

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