Oct 30, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Strange Butterfly-Shaped UFO Chased by Military Aircraft

What many have described as a butterfly-shaped UFO was spotted and recorded by two witnesses in southern Ohio who said a pair of military helicopters flew in the same direction shortly after it disappeared. From one angle, it’s a butterfly. From another, it’s a ray or a wing. Either way … what is it?

The witnesses are a father and son who gave only their first names – Tom and Christopher. They saw the UFO at 7 pm on October 24th after leaving a restaurant near the Ohio-Kentucky border (it's a long border and they didn't say which restaurant or city) and Tom, the father, took the amazingly clear video of it. The craft appears to be covered with rows of lights and/or windows with additional lights in the rear that could be from propulsion gear. Speaking of propulsion, the witnesses say they heard no sound from the craft.


While shaped much like a butterfly, the UFO didn’t flap or fly in the manner and direction of a normal butterfly. Rather, it seemed to travel tail-first without any flapping and moved very slowly. About five minutes after the UFO could no longer be seen, the witnesses saw two “military helicopters” traveling at a high speed in the same direction.

Because of its clarity, the first reaction of many who have viewed the video is that it’s the product of CGI (computer generated imagery). The poster has denied this and stands by the story of the witnesses.

UFOs in the shape of butterflies are rare. A “dark, butterfly-shaped” UFO was spotted by a witness in Virginia on June 25, 2012. That UFO reportedly made a sound which the witness said was nothing like that of a conventional airplane. Some sightings of what look kind of like a butterfly or moth turn out to be the rear view of a flying wing aircraft like the Northrop YB-49 flying wing bomber or the Northrop Grumman Stealth Bomber. It could also be some secret new military aircraft. This is always a possibility since parts of the Ohio-Kentucky border aren’t that far from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

northrup 570x453
Northrup Flying Wing

Then again, it looks a little like a Romulan Bird-of-Prey too.

romulan bird of prey 570x271
Romulan Bird of Prey

That’s all so far on the strange butterfly-shaped UFO. Any thoughts?

Paul Seaburn

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