Oct 22, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Strange Video From Poland Has Viewers Puzzled and Petrified

A video that has absolutely no visible kittens in it is nonetheless taking the Internet by storm and scaring many viewers in the process with its coded messages. Is it satanic, some kind of mind-control experiment or a hoax created for Halloween?

The video was allegedly sent from Poland on a CD to Johny Krahbichler, who posted it on his web site GadgetZZ.com in an attempt to get help figuring it out. (may be NSFW due to general creepiness and sound)


Going for the easy stuff first, the binary string in the title (01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101) translates to “muerte,” a Spanish word for death. Another less visible binary string translates to “You have 1 year or less.”

As more people watched the video (some viewed it frame-by-frame), other strange messages were decoded. A set of numbers which flash briefly appear to be GPS coordinates to the White House. Morse code was detected which spelled out RED LIPS LIKE TENTH. That might make sense to someone but gets scary when the letters are unscrambled to read “KILL THE PRESIDENT.” Link that to the White House GPS coordinates and you’ve got a conspiracy theory or possible threat in the making.

Spectogram 570x283
Spectogram of the audio showing a hidden message

Someone ran the audio through a spectrograph to create a visual spectrogram and the words “You are already dead” appeared. Unfortunately, it also shows some images of women being tortured. That plus the masked, robed figure with the lighted hand makes many suspect a satanic purpose to the video's strange messages.

If you’ve looked at the video, do you have any of your own ideas? Theories include a prank by Krahbichler to draw attention to his website, an actual terrorist or serial killer threat to either Krahbichler or President Obama that should be investigated, or a well-done marketing promo for a movie or video game. The last one is most likely and most disturbing with the torture images in the spectrogram.

What do you think … manic, panic, satanic or creepy promotional antic?

CD 570x670
If you got this CD from Poland in the mail, would you view it?

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