Oct 19, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFOs May Be Returning to Brazil Looking for Revenge

Do aliens seek revenge when they feel they’ve been wronged or attacked? That might be the case in Brazil where two UFOs were spotted recently in Mogi das Cruzes, the location of a famous sighting in 1999 where a UFO was attacked by the man who saw it. Have aliens returned to the Itapeti Mountain seeking revenge? Does the source for their vengeance go back even further?


This video was posted recently showing a UFO sighting on Sunday, June 14th, over Mogi das Cruzes, a community in the Greater São Paulo area. No other information was given.

small brazile UFO June 12 2015 570x851
A green-blue UFO seen over Mogi das Cruzes

Just a few days earlier on June 12th, 2015, another UFO was sighted over Mogi das Cruzes. The witness noticed the moving green-blue light between Venus and Jupiter but could not identify it on a sky chart.

Why were these UFOs visiting Mogi das Cruzes? They may have been seeking revenge for an incident which occurred in the city 16 years ago. According to reports, on May 6, 1999, Valdair Alcântara Maciel, a security guard at the Pesqueiro do Rubinho fishing attraction, saw a UFO land in the area at 3:30 am. Here’s his description:

I saw a bright light. Suddenly that thing descended on the mountain. The light stopped at the mountain for 5 minutes, then flew away. "The place is very dark and that thing illuminated the lake.

When he got to the location of the landing, the UFO was gone but he found marks on the ground: a circle 2.4 meters in diameter with a small circle inside and impressions of four landing struts 5 cm deep in the soil.

1999 570x458
A photo of the 1999 UFO landing site in Mogi das Cruzes

Oh, and one more thing … he said he shot at it.

When I see it I get scared. At this point my legs shake.

Have these recent UFOs returned to Mogi das Cruzes to track down the man who shot at their brother? Or is there something more to attract them?

UFOs are known to be attracted to mining towns. Mogi das Cruzes was founded in 1560 by the Bandeirantes, Portuguese fortune hunters who were notorious for enslaving indigenous people and forcing them to work in Brazil’s gold and silver mines. Could these UFOs be returning to punish the Bandeirantes for what they did to the natives and their minerals?

Where is Valdair Alcântara Maciel? Where are the descendants of the Bandeirantes? Is it time for them to get nervous?

Paul Seaburn

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