Oct 27, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Unusual UFO Activity Increasing Over Russia

There have been a number of unusual UFO sightings over various Russian cities recently. A large lighted saucer-shaped ring appeared over Ulan-Ude, orbs appeared for an entire day over Moscow, another was sighted over UFO hot spot Kolomna and three lights in a triangle appeared over St. Petersburg. What’s going on over there?

The most unusual UFO appeared in October 2015 over Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia and just 100 km (62 miles) from Lake Baikal, home of many UFO and unidentified underwater object sightings. Numerous witnesses saw this saucer-like object described by the woman who took the picture as a “glowing” entity with “a lot of green lights, some red and blue … with bright green lights in the middle” and making a noise like an automobile engine. She says the saucer stopped above her head, causing her, her son and two men to run away.

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UFOs stayed in the same position over Moscow for an entire day

October 21st was a busy day for UFOs in Russia. These two UFOs maintained a stationary position over Moscow during the daylight hours. Why would they stay so long? The witness who uploaded the images speculated that they might be refueling.


This sighting over St. Petersburg also occurred on October 21st and shows three orbs maintaining position or possibly three lights on a massive triangular craft. No information other that the date and location were given.


Meanwhile, Kolomna once again lived up to its reputation as a UFO hot spot with another sighting on October 13th. This nighttime sighting appears to be a large craft with numerous lights. Again, no other information was provided. UFOs were seen over Kolomna in March 2105 and also in March 2014. There’s no obvious reason for all of this UFO activity over Kolomna.

No official comments were given by the Russian government, local officials or the military for any of these sightings or why some occurred on the same day. What a surprise. Russians acknowledge that unusual things seem to happen in, over and around Lake Baikal but the rest of the sightings could be anything from secret weapons tests to secret space launches to secret surveillance to secret … anything.

Are we getting close to finding something out? Could this be why Russian submarines are hovering around undersea data and communications cables?

Paul Seaburn

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