Nov 05, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Mysterious Fibers Repeatedly Fall From the Sky Over Arizona

Residents of Prescott, Arizona, are nervously looking up these days after mysterious white fibers fell from the sky for the second time in a year. No explanation has been given for either of these this strange occurrences, so residents fear anything from secret military operations to weather modification to insects to angel hair from UFOs. Which one is it?

The most recent fiber fall in Prescott was reported in late October 2015. Pieces of the 50-to-60 foot strands were collected by Cori Gunnells and Mari Scherbaum Snow, who also spotted the mysterious fibers on December 4, 2014, in the same area. At that time, they reported seeing three military cargo planes overhead shortly before the raindrop-shaped fibers appeared. Local officials refuted the military connection, so the women collected samples which a nearby college forensic lab identified as bio-degradable “cow gauze” – material from bandages used on cattle from nearby farms. Based on the amounts the witnesses have seen, there’s an awful lot of bandaged cows in Prescott.

magnified 570x414
Magnified image of a mysterious fiber which fell in Arizona

The two women had other samples analyzed independently and found the fibers contained high levels of strontium, barium, and aluminum. Those are three of the chemicals reportedly used in climate engineering, leading locals to fear they are the unwilling subjects of weather and climate modification experiments. In early November 2015, these mysterious fibers were also reported in Van Wert, Ohio and in Tennessee.

Are these fibers the result of weather control or something else? A similar fiber that has appeared during and after UFO sightings and is attributed to spacecraft propulsion systems has been called “alien angel hair” and witnesses in Portugal claimed to have seen some in November 2014 … shortly before the first occurrence in Arizona. However, no UFOs were reported in Prescott, just the military planes. Spiders using webs to catch the wind and migrate have also been blamed for mysterious fibers, but no evidence of spiders was found in Arizona.

angel hair 570x299
Alien angel hair over Portugal in 2014

Who or what is repeatedly dropping mysterious white fibers on Prescott, Arizona? Will residents find out before it’s too late? Will the cows be forced to wrap their ankles with duct tape?

Paul Seaburn

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