Nov 12, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Mysterious Spheres Fall From the Sky in Spain

Everyone knows where the rain in Spain falls mainly, but where do mysterious black beach ball-sized spheres drop from the sky? It looks like their favorite target right now is in farm fields in the Spanish town of Calasparra. What are these unidentified falling objects? Should Calasparra residents move back to the wetter but safer plains?

The first object was discovered in a field on November 3rd by Juan Francisco and his brother who were grazing their livestock near Calasparra. They believe the object must have fallen from the sky on the previous Sunday because the field was empty the day before and they found no tracks. After taking pictures of the strange sphere measuring 1 meter (3 feet) in diameter and 20 kg (44 pounds) in weight, they told some soldiers camped nearby who then notified the Civil Guard.

The parade of experts sent by the Civil Guard to investigate the object included a bomb disposal unit (it was not explosive) and members of the Unit Nuclear, Radiological, Bacteriological and Chemical (it was not hazardous). The Civil Guard also ruled out the sphere being a military weapon or a rocket part. They sent the object to the National Reference Center for Vocational Chemistry in Cartagena, informed residents it was an “aerospace artifact” and told them not to worry. And they didn’t …

both 570x380
The second mysterious sphere (left) found very near where the first one (right) was discovered

Until another one fell in a field a few kilometers away just five days later in the nearby village of Villavieja. After the news spread, locals started to come forward with more stories. Some residents said they saw four to six objects fall from the sky prior to the first discovery. Another claimed seeing “seven or eight balls of fire.” As a result, officials convened a Local Safety Board to investigate these two “bolas espacial” (space balls) and rumors of the discovery of more spheres or pieces.

This is not the first time mysterious “space balls” have been discovered. A smaller sphere (13 pounds, 14 inches in diameter) was found in Namibia, Africa, in December 2011.

nambia 570x321
Mysterious sphere which fell in Namibia

Another mysterious metallic sphere was discovered in after an explosion in Riacho dos Cocos, Brazil, in February 2012.

brazil 570x376
Mysterious sphere which fell in Brazil in 2012

These mysterious spheres and the Spanish “bolas especial” have been called space debris and aerospace artifacts, but no official identification of any of them appears to have been given, nor any explanation why they are found intact and relatively clean after crashing to Earth from space.

What do you think these space balls might be? Should nervous people in Spain put on their helmets and raincoats and run for the plains?

Paul Seaburn
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