Nov 24, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

New Photos May Show Bigfoot’s Cloaking Ability

Why does Bigfoot seem to disappear so quickly when spotted by humans? If you didn’t say “cloaking,” you may want to take a series of photos taken by a game camera that a Bigfoot expert claims show a deer’s head disappearing because one or more cloaked Bigfoots stepped in front of it. Far-fetched? A number of people would disagree.

The photos were taken near Dadeville, Alabama, and posted on Facebook by Frankie Knox Wilemon, where they were seen and analyzed by Bigfoot blogger Samantha 'Sam' Ritchie of PlanetSasquatch. Sam believes the portions of the photographs where the deer’s head is missing give indications that it was actually blocked by a Bigfoot or some other being while it was in cloaking mode.

deer zoom 570x277
Zoomed image shows distortion caused by possible cloaked Bigfoot

After further magnification and enhancement, Sam points out two heads that could be Bigfoot or some other creatures.


These are not the first claims of Bigfoot having the ability to cloak itself or the first evidence of it allegedly happening. This video taken in January 2013 uses thermal imagery to show what appears to be a cloaked or opaque figure running that could be a Bigfoot.

According to Scott Carpenter, author of “The Bigfoot Field Journal,” Bigfoot goes into a cloaking or predator mode (named after the movie “Predator”) by using infrasound to convert water vapor in the air around it into microscopic prisms that reflect (maybe a better term is “deflect”) light away from their bodies. He claims this leaves a telltale distorted image that doesn’t quite match the background (leading skeptics to suspect editing) and says he has taken video footage of a Bigfoot in this cloaked or predator mode.

Carpenter presents an interesting and technically plausible theory,which Sam Ritchie seems to agree with, although neither says how Bigfoot manages to accomplish it or how it came to have this skill. Those who believe Bigfoot is an alien or some kind of advanced being would say those are the reasons why.

What do you think? Is the ability to cloak or enter some kind of “predator” mode the reason why Bigfoot seems to disappear so quickly when spotted? If we were nicer to them, would they show us how to do it?

Paul Seaburn

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