Nov 03, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Red UFO Lands in India and Humanoid Terrifies Villagers

India continues to be the hot spot for UFO activity these days. Hot on the heels of the UFOs spotted in New Delhi at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (which the Indian Air Force has orders to shoot down), a red UFO reportedly landed in a village in southwestern India. Terrified villagers said a “humanoid figure” briefly emerged from the spacecraft, then quickly reentered before the UFO took off in a shower of sparks and flashes.

The women claim that the spacecraft descended close to 500 feet from them and they could spot humanoid figures. They have no clue about aliens and they have not even heard about such things. So we are assuming that they are not lying.

That’s the comment of an investigator who interviewed field workers in Kanagal, a village in the Mysuru district in the southwestern state of Karnataka. The seven villagers who witnessed it claim the incident occurred on October 1st at about 2 pm. After the red UFO landed, the humanoid, dressed in an orange uniform, came towards them, appeared to take some photographs, then went back to the craft and left. The report of sparks and flames is unusual since most UFO witnesses say the crafts are silent and have no exhaust.

flaming ufo 570x273
UFOs trailed by flames are unusual and may be in trouble

What did these women see? Since it’s a small farming village, some say the witnesses may have seen a military aircraft that they were unfamiliar with. However, they did recognize that the “humanoid” was using a camera (although it seems none of them had one) and that it was definitely an “-oid” and not just a human. What was this humanoid in orange? Why would it appear to take pictures of the villagers? Was it using something other than a camera? Why did it come that close but not attempt to make any other contact? Did it sense their fear? Did their rakes and shovels look like weapons?

tpol uniform 570x570
An alien in orange ... T'Pol?

Is this sighting connected to the recent one at the Indira Gandhi Airport? Kanagal is 2,300 km )1,400 miles) from New Delhi, but that’s probably nothing for an alien spacecraft, especially one that might be hiding from Indian Air Force jets looking to shoot it down. What about the sparks and flames? Was this a do-it-yourself UFO? Did it have a bumper sticker that said ‘My other spacecraft is a mother-ship’?

While we wait for more information, we should keep an eye on India, the new hotbed of UFO activity.

Paul Seaburn

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