Nov 30, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Appears After UFO Clouds Cause Panic in South Africa

Just a few weeks after UFO-shaped clouds caused widespread panic across Cape Town, South Africa, a UFO appeared over Cape Town and Durban to stoke the fears of residents again. Are the events related? Is the UFO a possible portal? What about other UFO sightings in Cape Town this year … is it becoming a new UFO hot spot?

ufo car 570x321
Cape Town UFO seen from car

The green UFO was spotted the night of November 28th by many witnesses in Cape Town. The green object looks like an orb to some but others said it resembled a portal or wormhole. The photos spread quickly on social media sites, prompting other South Africans to look out their windows. In Durban, another major city on the opposite coast of South Africa, witnesses spotted a similar green UFO over a stadium on the same night. So far, no explanation has been forthcoming from government, military or space officials.

durban 570x321
Similar UFO appearing on the same night over Durban

One or two UFOs spotted on the same night over two major cities is a cause for concern. But panic? That’s the case in Cape Town and it may be understandable. On November 8th, just a few weeks prior to the multi-city UFO sighting, Cape Town residents went into another panic, this time over UFO-shaped clouds that appeared across the city’s sky.

clouds 570x370
UFO-shaped clouds over Cape Town

While weather officials quickly explained them to be lenticular clouds – those disc-shaped clouds that look like pillowy flying saucers. However, the number of clouds seen and the well-defined shapes caused many to fear they were weather-control experiments or a warning of possible UFO activity. Were they?

Cape Town is no stranger to UFO sightings. Earlier this year, this UFO was seen twice over Cape Town in January 2014.

With the amount of social media attention being given the UFOs in Cape Town and Durban which appeared so soon after the UFO-shaped clouds over Cape Town, residents are hoping for announcements from officials soon. Will that happen? What will their “no need to panic” explanations be? Should South Africans be concerned anyway?

Paul Seaburn

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