A video released of bombs being dropped and exploding on targets in Syria shows something unexpected – fast-moving UFOs flying over the scene as the smoke rises from the attack. Are aliens monitoring what’s going on Syria? If so, which side would they support?


The video was posted in October and shows overhead views of what is reported as massive bombings by Russia on Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) targets. The video seems to have been taken from the aircraft dropping the bombs. When slowed down, it shows what appear to be two fast UFOs flying in formation over the explosion. Were these UFOs observing the bombings or the war in Syria in general?

UFOs have often been seen in war zones. There were numerous stories during World War II of foo fighters – bright orbs or balls of light reported by bomber pilots during both European and Pacific operations. While no pilots reported being attacked or threatened by foo fighters, there was a story of a gunner shooting one, causing it to explode and set fire to buildings on the ground.

foo 570x367
Foo fighters photographed by World War II bomber pilots

Sightings of UFOs increased during the Korean War, with pilots reporting disc and saucers in addition to bright lights and orbs. Over 30 were documented by the Air Force’s Project Blue Book which investigated UFO sightings while in operation from 1952 to 1970. That included much of the Vietnam War, where UFO sightings were often dismissed as enemy helicopters.

vietnam 570x321
UFO sighting during Vietnam War

There were numerous UFO reports during the first Gulf War, including an incident where four U.S. Air Force F-16 jets followed a UFO, were fired upon and shot it down over Saudi Arabia where the wreckage was found and the incident covered up. There’s also a rumor that the second Gulf War was started because Saddam Hussein had possession of a UFO downed over Iraq during the first Gulf War.

Would UFOs or aliens interfere with an Earth war? That’s what former U.S. astronaut Edgar Mitchell says happened during the Cold War when he claims UFOs shot down nuclear missiles to prevent a war with the Soviet Union.

What were the UFOs seen in the video of the Syrian bombing? Are aliens observing the battles? Are they looking for ways to stop or finish the war? What conclusion do you think they would want? Would humans welcome intervention in warfare by aliens?

ww2 ufos 570x405
Are the foo fighters back?

Paul Seaburn

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