Residents of Ukraine normally look skyward to watch for warplanes but lately they’ve been reportedly seeing something unexpected. Photographs and videos are being posted on the Internet of what appear to be brightly-lit UFOs in the shape of crosses. As expected, there’s talk of alien messages, religious warnings, flying humanoids, government propaganda, drones, kites, Project Blue Beam and hoaxes. Which one, if any, is it?

One sighting occurred on June 24, 2015, over Donetsk, Ukraine. Witnesses said it first appeared to be a meteorite but then changed into a cross shape. Donetsk has been the site of heavy fighting and is the location of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. It has also had numerous UFO sightings over the past year. While some could be of military origin, those who saw the cross believe it’s a UFO, a humanoid or some sort of sign.

Cross humanoid 570x325
This Donetsk UFO has a humanoid appearance

Another sighting occurred in Sevastopol, the Crimean city that’s the center of the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. In late October 2015, a video appeared reportedly showing a cross-shaped UFO over the city. The object moved around and appeared to descend almost to the ground before rising with the light pulsating and increasing in intensity. While not a cross, a ball-shaped UFO was reported in Sevastopol just a month earlier.

Cross descending 570x350
Cross-shaped UFO near the ground

As expected in an area with a strong religious belief that has seen the tragedies of war, it’s easy to see why the citizens would first believe the crosses are signs from aliens or spiritual beings upset about the conflicts. Perhaps even angels or some other type of flying humanoid.

Cross 2014 570x312
A similar UFO reportedly seen in 2014 in Volgograd

On the other hand, the lights could be from military operations or drones, especially with the up-and-down movement. One thought is that a reflective kite could have the same type of erratic motion. The movement also rules out lens flares or other camera anomalies.

Throw in Russia, Vladimir Putin, U.S. relations, terrorists, Syria and everything else going on in the world and a good case could be made that this is a perfect spot to see how the population would react to a Project Blue Beam-type religious projection or distribution of CGI videos with a religious connotation. Based on the activity in social media, the pictures and reports seem to have generated a strong response.

As of this writing, there is no explanation for these cross-shaped UFOs. Any thoughts?

Paul Seaburn

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