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Photographer Claims Taking UFO Picture Damaged Her Camera

A woman in Brazil claims she took photographs of what she believed to be a UFO and the object damaged her camera. Was it a coincidence or yet another example of UFOs playing havoc with electronic equipment?

The unnamed witness told UFO investigators she was watching her boyfriend play football on December 27th in Marmelo, a city in the state of Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil. Bored by the game, she decided to take some photos of the scenery with her cell phone. She claims she does not remember seeing any objects, planes or birds prior to snapping the shot. However, when she looked at it in the viewer, she saw a UFO in the corner. The witness exited from the camera app and there were lights on the screen where the UFO had been that would not go off, making her fear her camera was damaged.

A close-up of the camera-damaging UFO

A close-up of the camera-damaging UFO

Strange outages and damages to electronic equipment during UFO sightings are frequently reported. Often it’s a car that doesn’t start while the UFO is present, but then starts normally when it’s gone. The opposite seems to happen if the car has a remote or auto-starter – the car will reportedly start by itself, usually when the UFO Is leaving.

There are similar reports of televisions, cable TV, electronic equipment and other electrical devices stopping operation while a UFO is present, then coming back on when the UFO leaves. Some say this is due to an electromagnetic pulse from the UFO, but damage caused by normal EMPs is usually permanent.

The report has no further information on the sighting or the state of the woman’s phone. However, many who viewed the photo online claim it strongly resembles a UFO that appeared in El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia, on December 6th. A video of that object was taken by witness Mario Prado while watching it through a window in his home. He doesn’t say if his camera or phone was damaged.

El Alto is over 4500 km (2800 miles) from Marmelo on the other side of South America. Were these the same UFOs, as some suggest? It’s questionable. They’re both large and disc-shaped, but the Bolivian UFO seems to be better defined and thicker than the Brazilian one, even though it’s viewed in a fog.

A close-up of the Bolivian UFO

A close-up of the Bolivian UFO

The camera anomaly reported by the woman in Brazil could have been a pre-existing, not-yet-noticed problem that possibly even caused the UFO image in the first place.

Whatever the objects are, it sure would be nice if aliens shared with us the ability to stop cell phone users from taking those annoying selfies.

What's wrong with selfies?

What’s wrong with selfies?