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UFOs Spotted in Bridgewater NJ and Bridgewater MA

There’s a city in New Jersey named Bridgewater. There’s a city in Massachusetts also named Bridgewater. UFOs are frequently spotted in Bridgewater, New Jersey. UFOs are also seen frequently in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. In fact, the one in Massachusetts is the hub of the so-called Bridgewater Triangle, an historical hot spot for UFO and Bigfoot sightings. Are UFOs getting their GPS settings crossed and showing up at the wrong Bridgewater?

A flying-wing-shaped UFO was photographed over Bridgewater NJ on October 19th, 2015, by a woman who didn’t see it until her husband pointed it out in the photo. According to their report, she was looking at “balls playing in the sky and lights falling down” (perhaps the streak in the right of the picture) when she took the photo at about 5:30 pm. No other info is available on this one.

bridgewater 2015 570x570
Bridgewater NJ UFO and a mysterious streak in the sky

This is just the latest of many UFO sightings over the New Jersey Bridgewater. In July, 2015, a Bridgewater man flying a remote control B-17 airplane saw a UFO streak past it. In September, 2014, a man walking his dog at 7 am in nearby Sayreville photographed this diamond-shaped UFO.

sayreville 570x318
Diamond-shaped UFO seen in Sayreville just a few miles from Bridgewater

In December 2012, a slow-moving rectangular UFO was photographed by a woman who said it changed directions and headed towards her, causing her to panic and drive away. This balloon-shaped UFO was seen over Bridgewater in 2010.

2010 570x395
This UFO was seen by many witnesses in Bridgewater NJ in 2010

Bridgewater NJ residents have also seen some unexplained lights. In November 2011, many residents reported seeing a pulsating glow and bright flashes in the sky. There were no reports of sounds and no records of storms or transformer explosions.

This type of paranormal activity is par for the course for the other Bridgewater in Massachusetts. Stories of UFOs in the 200 square mile area that is now called the Bridgewater Triangle include reports dating back to 1790 and a famous sighting in 1979 of a large, low flying triangle UFO that was later retold in a documentary titled "The Bridgewater Triangle." The Triangle is also where a Bigfoot allegedly lifted the rear of a police car (with two cops still in it) in 1970 and where people have reported thunderbirds, phantom dogs, phantom lights and numerous other paranormal events.

Why are there so many UFO sightings and paranormal events in two cities named Bridgewater that are only 250 miles apart? Is it just coincidence or is it time for aliens and Bigfoot to upgrade their GPS systems and get the latest maps?

Paul Seaburn

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