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UFOs Spotted Over Lab Where UFO Wreckage May Be Stored

A large UFO and a number of small ones were reported in Long Island, New York near the Brookhaven National Laboratory. That’s the Department of Energy Lab originally set up by the Atomic Energy Commission for peacetime nuclear research. It’s also the place where the wreckage of an alien spacecraft that crashed in Long Island was rumored to be taken for storage and research. Could aliens have finally come back for their ship?

An anonymous witness from Long Island reported seeing a large cigar-shaped UFO on November 23, 2015, at around 6:45 pm. He said the silent UFO had a light at each end, changed altitude and speed quickly and hovered in one spot for over an hour. That spot was over Brookhaven National Laboratory – more on that later. It was also where the large UFO was circled by 4 or 5 smaller UFOs that all eventually disappeared. The witness claimed that he had seen UFOs often in this area and believed it has something to do with the lab.

brookhaven overview 570x232
Aerial view of the Brookhaven National Laboratory

That “something” might be a crashed UFO. According to reports from that time, on November 24, 1992, Walter Knowles saw a UFO near the vicinity of the lab at 7 pm. He stopped his car and watched the tube-shaped UFO with lights at either end along with a number of other motorists. They saw the object fly erratically and crash; then they watched a beam of white light shoot into the sky. The light was reportedly seen by residents in the area, along with what appeared to be the glow of a fire. There were also reports of telephone and cable TV outages, household appliances malfunctioning and car batteries draining.

Knowles claimed he went to the crash site but was turned away, along with local police officers, by men in black jumpsuits. He and others said they saw large objects being taken out of the area on military flatbed trucks to Brookhaven National Laboratory. A video from that time allegedly showed what appear to be bodies or body parts being taken there as well.

brookhaven interior 570x369
This is not a UFO but the lab's Alternating Gradient Synchroton

The story of the UFO, wreckage and alien bodies has long been dismissed by the lab. The usual explanation is that the lab had the closest firefighting team and equipment and that’s why trucks and personnel were seen traveling to and from the fire.

Is this why UFOs seem to be attracted to the Brookhaven National Laboratory? Or could it be because of accidents, like the 1994 fire in the high-beam flux reactor or the 1997 leak of tritium into local groundwater? UFOs are frequently seen at nuclear sites that have had problems.

As of this writing, there has been no official comment on the latest sighting. The witness is a longtime resident who says it was not a plane from the nearby airport.

Did aliens come back to the Brookhaven lab for their compatriots?

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