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Video of Triangle-Shaped Object Over Nevada Raises Questions

A new video purporting to show a strange, triangle shaped object in the skies above Nevada has surfaced via the video upload site YouTube, courtesy of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The footage, while displaying an object hovering in the sky above Pahrump, Nevada, also features commentary by a couple who had been walking their dogs at the time of the observation. The footage depicts the object late in the day, just before 9 p.m. on July 12, 2014, according to the witness description given to the MUFON organization.

The complete video can be seen below, with further commentary provided by Roger Marsh at the OpenMinds site, available here.

The man operating the camera on his cellphone provides commentary on the object over the course of the half-hour long piece of footage, as his wife at one point can be heard discussing a camcorder she retrieves to obtain additional footage of the object. At approximately 11:47 in the clip, the man notes that the object appears to be moving, with additional descriptions of colored lights appearing on the object referenced throughout the clip.

Altogether, the footage leaves much to the imagination, and though at times the dark object does become clearly visible, the triangle shape is only vaguely implied for the viewer, which the man in the clip can be heard apologizing for as he notes that he and his wife are able to clearly discern the object with the naked eye.

Questions about the footage arose from commenters on the MUFON YouTube channel, who inquired about why the footage, obtained in July of 2014, had only been uploaded to the MUFON channel as of December 3, 2015. However, the most obvious question about the footage would have to do with the additional footage which the man’s wife is presumed to have obtained using a camcorder, which in likelihood could have presented far better resolution of the object in question.

In truth, despite the proliferation of cameras attached to smartphones these days, accessibility to simple, pocket-sized video recording equipment has done little thus far in bolstering credible evidence of UFOs, as we see in the video here. Discussing this recently with a video expert (who preferred to go unnamed here), the issue was summarized during our exchange as follows:

“The cell phone will not be what captures Bigfoot or a UFO. In fact, the creation on the cellphone camera will probably insure nobody documents a Bigfoot or UFO because the video will never be as good as a point and shoot, which at least some people used to keep handy prior to the advent of cellphone cameras. A phone needs to be thin, and that limits the optical design. You can’t fight physics, even with a Steve Jobs reality distortion field.”

In other words, smartphones may indeed help more people have instant access to a camera. However, their convenience has led to few, if hardly any, photographs of purported UFOs being obtained with quality photographic equipment in recent years.

Traingle shaped UFO

Whatever the object actually was in the video made near Pahrump, Nevada, as seen above, may never be known. And indeed, it may have been one of the purported black triangle UFOs that so often appear in the literature associated with this subject. But the quality of the footage in question provides us with little more than a blurry spot in the desert sky. Again, it would be interesting to see if the footage from the camcorder being operated by the smartphone user’s wife had presented anything of greater detail, although even this might not present us with enough of anything capable of “proving” more about the nature of the object.

Pahrump has something of a history of sightings of such triangular objects. In 2011, a listener identified as “Raybo” wrote in to the Coast to Coast AM website describing their observation of one of the alleged objects, noting that, “At 5 am on December 23rd [2011], I was driving from Pahrump NV to Las Vegas NV on HWY 160 to catch a plane back home to Texas when these 3 huge bright lights appeared in the night sky flying down the side of the mountain. I took picture from my phone while I was driving then it flew up along side of me and I pulled over and it stopped and hovered there about 10 yards off of the ground as I took a picture.”

The witness claims the object flew straight upward after he took the photographs (which can be viewed here), further noting that this had been the same location where Art Bell, former full time Coast to Coast AM host, had observed one of the alleged craft with his first wife, the late Ramona Bell.

Speculation about the origin of these objects has implied over the years that secret DARPA technologies may be behind the aircraft, which are variously referred to as “stealth blimps”, or more specifically as the “TR3 Black Manta” or a fabled aircraft known as the “Aurora”, which is believed to be a secret U.S. reconnaissance aircraft which may have been in operation since the mid-to-late 1980s.

At present, the Aurora, which has obtained nearly mythical status over the last few decades, remains a classified aircraft, if it does indeed exist. Whether it, or any similar project, is connected with the ongoing reports of triangle shaped mystery aircraft is also unknown.


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