Jan 22, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Mothers of Alien Hybrid Children Form a Support Group

Let’s say you have a strange feeling that you’ve been abducted by aliens, had sex with them and then gave birth to hybrid children whom you’ll never meet. Perhaps you have dreams that your eggs were harvested by aliens who allow you to see and talk to your hybrid children in those dreams. Who would you go to with such a story? Would it help to know that there’s a support group of women just like you with similar stories? It’s true!

According to its Facebook page, the Hybrid Children Community (sometimes referred to as the Hybrid Baby Community) is a group of mothers (and some fathers) who believe they have hybrid children who “are a genetic blend of human and extraterrestrial (Zeta Reticuli/Grey) DNA.” These children live in a different dimension but their mothers believe they communicate with them in dreams and that they will be physically reunited soon. They believe that the 1997 Phoenix Lights were from a ship bearing such hybrids known as The Shalinaya which they say means “those who will come first.”

Bridget Nielson has recently been interviewed about her experiences and the organization. Bridget lives in Sedona, Arizona, and claims she’s had sex with aliens (“It was an incredible super primal, super raw, super primal sexual experience”) resulting in 10 hybrid children (4 boys, 6 girls). She says thousands of women around the world have had their DNA harvested by aliens but don’t know it or are afraid to admit their dreams and feelings might be real. She believes the aliens only mate with women who “want to be taken.”

TiaTio 570x461
Drawings of two of Bridget's alien hybrid children

To help these women, Nielson (who says she’s also a medium) and others offer courses in dealing with the feeling that you’re a hybrid’s mother and lucid dreaming (to contact your children). The website has a blog for sharing experiences (and hand-drawn pictures of your hybrid children) with others and ‘coming out’ as a hybrid alien parent.

OK, parts of the site do have a New Age feel to them and promote other workshops and tours. However, alien abduction stories are becoming increasingly common but information is still scarce and those with experiences (or questions about feelings) fear being ridiculed. There are doctors who will help those who believe they’ve had alien devices implanted in them. A support group for those who believe they’ve parented alien hybrid children or are having feelings or dreams about them makes sense. The organization claims to have hundreds of members.

What do you think?

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