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Bulgarian Jets Chase UFO Near Mysterious UFO-Shaped Building

According to a Bulgarian news source, warplanes pursued a disc-shaped UFO over Nova Zagora, Bulgaria on January 14th, 2016. This occurred very close to a mysterious, futuristic, disc-shaped building on the top of a mountain that was used briefly by the Bulgarian Communist Party before being abandoned. Is there any connection?

mountain 570x381
Mysterious saucer-shaped building on a mountain near the Bulgarian UFO sighting

The website Portal12 showed photographs taken on January 14th of what it said were two warplanes pursuing an unidentified flying object near Nova Zagora, a town in southeastern Bulgaria. The UFO and planes were reportedly seen by “many” witnesses in Nova Zagora as well as the surrounding villages of Stoil Voyvoda, Zagorci and Han Asparuhovo. One witness described what happened:

Within about five minutes, the object suddenly changed its location, which caused spectacular maneuvers by two military aircraft.

ufo fighter jets chasing UFO bulgaria 570x338
Bulgarian warplanes appear to chase a disc-shaped UFO

Nova Zagora is less than 87 km (54 miles) from a strange-looking saucer-shaped building on Buzludzha, a 1441 meter-high (4728 ft.) peak in the Central Balkan Mountains. To commemorate the 1891 birth of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party, the Bulgarain Communist Party (its successor) built a futuristic, saucer-shaped monument. It took 6,000 workers 7 years to complete and was opened in 1981, 1300 years after the birth of the First Bulgarian Empire.

opening 570x424
Opening of the Buzludzha monument

Designed by famous architect Guéorguy Stoilov, the monument is both communist (drab concrete exterior) and futurist (saucer-shaped, ultramodern interior design). Was the design influenced by real UFOs?

interior 570x381
A rare interior view of the monument

Very few pictures from the monument’s opening and early usage exist. Why? It could be because communism fell just 8 years later in 1989 and the new Bulgarian government couldn’t afford to keep it open. The building still stands but it's in severe disrepair due to lack of use, weather and vandalism ... now it's a different kind of monument to communism.

now 570x318
The monument today

While not identified, the planes in the UFO picture look like U.S. A10 Warthogs (why would Warthogs be in Bulgaria?) or possibly Czech-made Aero L-39 Albatros’s used by Bulgaria’s air force – both older models. Portal 12 appears to be the only media reporting the sighting and their chase of the disc-shaped object. Despite the eyewitness account, it’s difficult to tell how close the planes actually were to the UFO or what size it was relative to the planes.

Was it an alien spacecraft that the Bulgarian warplanes appeared to be chasing? Could it have been a flying saucer looking for or distracted by the saucer-shaped monument on top of Buzludzha?

If it contained tourists from another galaxy, the Bulgarian government says they owe it an admission fee.

mountain 2 570x428
Make that admission and gas money for the warplanes

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