Jan 14, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

So-Called ‘Fast Walker’ UFO Speeds by the Space Station

A fast-moving UFO was recorded on the International Space Station camera on January 11th and some reports are referring to it as a “Fast Walker,” which is a term used by NORAD. NORAD? What are Fast Walkers, why is NORAD interested in them and should we be worried?

The UFO video was posted on the Internet by Streetcap1 who labeled it a Fast Walker. Whatever it was, it streaked by extremely fast. Single frames from the video show what appears to be a missile heading possibly towards Earth. Why would Streetcap1 call this a Fast Walker?


According to promotion materials for a 2006 documentary called “Fastwalkers” (apparently Fastwalker and Fast Walker are both used), NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado) uses Fastwalker as a code name for “unidentified flying objects that cross earth orbit and land on its surface.” It claims that NORAD tracks an estimated 500 Fastwalkers annually (every day except Christmas Eve).

Television producer, videographer and UFO writer Tim Swartz says that some documents declassified in 1993 by the Defense Department refer to moving targets picked up by DSP (Defense Support Program ) satellites and identified as not being missiles as  “Valid IR (infrared) Sources” and were given the code name of "Fast Walker."

One of these Fast Walkers traveling at 22,000 mph was picked up by a DSP satellite on May 5, 1984. It received a considerable amount of NORAD attention and 300 document pages because it passed within 3 km of the satellite and was tracked for nine minutes. Whatever it was, there doesn’t seem to be any information that the object was ever positively identified … at least in declassified documents.

Why are they called Fast Walkers? According to America's Secret Sentinels by Jeffery Richelson, operators say that tracked objects “walk” across the radar screen. Satellites, missiles and speedy UFOs are “fast walkers” while aircraft are “slow walkers.”

fast walker 570x363
Magnified image of fast UFO passing space station

Now that we know what fast walkers are, did one buzz the space station? What was it? Good luck getting an answer from NORAD or NASA.

Paul Seaburn

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