Feb 15, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Saucer, Orbs and Volcano Visitor in Latest UFO Sightings

It was a week with interesting UFO sightings and reports of recent UFO activities with some decent photos and videos, not to mention a variety of shapes. Saucers, volcanos and orbs … oh my!

Let’s start with the volcano, which frequently seem to attract UFOs. This video showed up this week of a UFO flying past just as the Colima volcano on Mexico's west coast erupted on January 3rd.


The timing suggests to some that, rather than simply observing the volcano, the UFO may have caused the eruption. Colima is a pretty active volcano that doesn’t seem to need any help erupting and it has also had a number of nearby UFO sightings, so this one could possibly have just been a well-timed coincidence. The horizontal trajectory probably rules out a meteor but it could also be a drone or a plane.

Moving on to the orb, this sighting occurred on January 26th in Spokane Valley, Washington, and was investigated by MUFON (Case 57362).


The camera operator had an unusually steady hand but unfortunately didn’t record anything else that would help establish a frame of reference, which seems surprising since the witness claimed “this was the second time I have seen the same object do the exact same thing in nearly the same place.” The “exact same thing” refers to the orb pulsating before dropping another orb, which falls for a time before disappearing. The sighting was near Fairchild Air Force Base but the report could not positively link it to any military, commercial or drone activity. And nobody could explain what the orb dropped.

The saucer photo comes from Severn Beach in Bristol, England, where Fiona Powell was walking on February 9th when she snapped a photo of some clouds.

bristoll saucer1 570x379
The Bristol saucer

She spotted the saucer-shaped object while looking at the photo later, which explains why there’s only one. Powell claims she didn’t Photoshop it. These “noticed it later” photos are always tough to judge since there’s no information on speed, directional changes, sounds, etc. Bristol is a major aerospace center (the supersonic British Concorde prototype made its maiden flight from there) so the UFO could be a military or test aircraft, although the saucer shape is puzzling. Some new design or a UFO checking out what BAE Systems might be testing?

As usual, the UFOs continue to appear with all kinds of shapes, sizes and stories. Hold your camera steady, take more than one picture and don't forget a frame of reference.

Paul Seaburn

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