Feb 13, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Two UFOs and Mysterious Alien Eggs Explained

A common complaint about UFO sightings and appearances of strange objects attributed to aliens is that, while they aren’t necessarily proven to be from extraterrestrials, their real causes are seldom explained either. That’s not the case today as we close two UFO sightings and one unusual appearance of alien eggs.

Oconnor ufos 570x378
The two UFOs photographed by Dr. Richard O'Connor

Dr. Richard O’Connor of Clancy, Montana, says he has kept two cameras pointed skyward for two years (and 28,000 images) in an attempt to capture a UFO photograph. In December 2015, he revealed five photos taken on November 4th that he believed showed two UFOs. After generating much controversy and a flood of emails, Dr. O’Connor followed one of the saner (and kinder) suggestions he received, conducted a test and humbly revealed the results.

I am now convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that the Nov. 4 photo ... was, in fact, simply and only a couple of falling raindrops fortuitously (or not) captured by the Reconyx camera … It is difficult for me to put into words just how disappointed I am about this news, especially when I consider just how many people, including myself, were truly fascinated by the Nov 4, 2015 photo as well as all the time and effort I have put into going over all of these (280,000) photos.

Meanwhile, many residents of Nanaimo in Vancouver, B.C., were calling RCMP offices with reports of UFOs in the form of bright lights over the city at 1:30 am. The number of calls prompted the police to investigate and what they found was a man flying a box kite covered with LEDs – well, he wasn’t flying it anymore because his line had snapped and the loose kite was now 10,000 up and out of control. Local kite flyer Neil Parman has been caught doing this before (police didn’t say if it was him this time) and claimed the LEDs were to see how much lift he was getting. Really?

The most interesting story is the video of a mysterious circular formation of so-called “slimey” alien eggs found on a frozen lake in Utah.


The video was originally taken in 2013 but popped up again in December 2015 for 15 more minutes and 1.7 million views of fame. There was much speculation as to which planet the eggs were from and what species would hatch from them along with more earthly suggestions like they were just coffee splashed from a dropped cup. It has finally been revealed that the alien eggs were an art project by Brigham Young student Claire Lewis who gave this explanation:

The assignment was to use “body residue” and repetition. The shapes are made from the print of the inside of my closed fist if that makes sense. I used a flour+salt+water dough, and then baked the shapes, then Laura Varella and I set it up in this geometric pattern on the lake.

claires ice art 2014 570x760
Artist Claire Lewis and her alien eggs/art project

The students erased their footprints with a snow shovel and left. The next day they found hundreds of footprints and, two years later, dozens of web sites speculating on the cause of the “alien eggs.”

Two UFOs and alien eggs explained. Kind of disappointing since the pictures were really good for a change.

Paul Seaburn

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