Are we getting some kind of warning from a parallel universe? Another “ghost” or “floating” city was spotted in China, this time in Dalian. Scores of people witnessed it, many photographed it, many more asked, “What IS it?”

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The floating ghost city of Dalian, China

The appearance of a ghostly city above the clouds occurred on March 18th in Dalian, a major seaport in the south of Liaoning Province and the southernmost city in Northeast China, which is also known as Manchuria. The reports don’t indicate time-of-day, but the video appears to be during daylight hours. There’s also no specific location, although one reference says it is over a “lake.” There is no mention of any lakes in Dalian, so it’s more likely over the Korea Bay or the harbor, which is called the Dalian Bay.

The phenomenon is definitely being observed by a number of people, with some reports saying it was in the “thousands.” Since the witnesses appear to be looking out over water and the one report said it was over a “lake,” we can assume it’s not fog around the skyscrapers of beautiful downtown Dalian. So what are they looking at?

witnesses 570x380
Witnesses observing the floating ghost city

Talk of parallel universes accompanied similar ghost or floating city sightings in October 2015 in Foshan, China, and a few days later in Jiangxi. At about the same time on the other side of the planet, a city was seen floating over Hastings, England. While the usual explanation for these sightings is the optical illusion known as Fata Morgana, those occurred around the time the scientists at CERN working on the Large Hadron Collide were talking about opening mini black holes to parallel universes. That didn’t appear to happen – at least not that we know of.

So we’re back to another floating ghost city witnessed by many people at a time when scientists are talking about opening mini black holes, conspiracists bring up Project Blue Beam, sailors talk about ancient myths and politicians are warning of Armageddon. No wonder “parallel universe” is the preferred explanation.

Paul Seaburn

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