Apr 03, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Military Called to Deal With Another UFO at Indian Airport

What’s happening at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi? Specifically, why are so many UFOs being reported there? This week, reports of a fish-shaped UFO over the airport prompted calls to the government security force responsible for the facility to deal with it. What was it and why is this airport attracting so many UFOs?

According to Indian media, a member of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) working in an airport watchtower issued an alarm on March 30th after seeing an unidentified flying object over the apron area where airplanes are parked for boarding and unloading.

It looked like a dark-colored balloon floating above the apron area.

Specifically, a fish-shaped object. CISF is required to notify both the Indian Air Force and National Security Guards before taking action against UFOs. A so-called “quick-response” team was dispatched to “shoot down” the fish-shaped UFO, but it was gone by the time they arrived and nothing more appeared on air traffic control radar over that area or adjoining aprons.


Shoot it down? Is security at the Indira Gandhi International Airport a little jumpy? Well, CIFS Director General Surender Singh announced at the organization’s last big meeting that 62 UFO sightings were reported at the airport in a four month period. Most airports are still on alert because of the Brussels bombings and the Indian media said that there were a number of recent hoax reports at the airport. However, Indian media also points out that Delhi police have been authorized since January to …

 … shoot down any unacknowledged flying device in the capital's sky, especially in and around the airport, be they paragliders, drones, hot air balloons or other machines.

Fish Hot Air Balloon 570x428
Not the "fish-shaped" UFO seen over the New Delhi airport

Yes, it was a “fish-shaped” floating object. That sounds like it might be a balloon, except a balloon would show up on radar, wouldn’t it? Why does this particular airport have so many unresolved UFO reports? Does New Delhi really lead the world in paragliders, drones, hot air balloons or other hard-but-not-impossible-to-identify flying objects? Why is it so difficult for this particular airport to patrol its perimeter when so many other busy airports in heavily populated metropolitan areas seem to be able to do it effectively and without shooting down UFOs?

Or is something else happening at the Indira Gandhi International Airport? Keep watching.

Paul Seaburn

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