May 15, 2016 I Clarissa Wilson

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Predict the Winners of the Kentucky Derby

Artificial intelligence can do many things but none of us expected that it would be able to predict certain things. These certain things, including the winners of the Kentucky Derby. According to Headline and Global News, an artificial intelligence company called, Unanimous has used a new software platform they created called, UNU to predict the top four horses that won the Kentucky Derby. When thinking about everything robots and computers can do, this is one thing none of us could have predicted ourselves.

Because they predicted the top four horses that won the Kentucky Derby horse races last weekend, they did something called, Superfecta. This is the same software that had previously predicted who won the Oscars as well as the Super Bowl.

What is so astonishing about this whole thing is that not only did this software, created by the artificial intelligence company, Unanimous, predict the lone winning horse of the whole race but it is even more shocking how it could predict the three horses who came in second, third, and fourth places directly behind the winner of the Kentucky Derby. The four horses, in order of who won first, included , in first place, Nyquist, in second place, Exaggerator, in third place, Gun Runner, and in fourth place, Mohaymen.

The odds of guessing the Superfecta are 540-1. The creator of the software platform UNU, Louis Rosenburg, who made the prediction with the software bet $20 on the winning horses and won a total payout of $10,842. The prediction also earned Tech Republic reporter, Hope Reese a total of $540.10 from just a $1 bet.

So, now you are probably wondering how this software platform works to predict things, right? Me too! According to CBS News, the name of the software platform itself was inspired by bees, since it is called Swarm Intelligence, after all. They say the idea of “many minds are better than one mind” is what makes this platform work. This just means they poll many different people together which then gives the group a better chance of reaching the same decision.The group of people logged into the UNU forum either through their smartphones or their computers and were presented with a question and a set of possible answers.

Now here is where it gets really interesting! There is a magnetic puck, and only one puck, and each person has exactly one minute to drag the puck across the screen to the decision that best suits them all. They all have to come to a unanimous decision. How interesting is this?

robots 2
Photo credit: Vimeo

Thinking about how this software platform works, doctors and politicians want to start using it too. Doctors say they can make better medical diagnoses and politicians say they can make better policy decisions by using it.

The group got their inspiration and even their name for this artificial intelligence, Swarm Intelligence, from bees. This is because it is a fact that bees use their swarm intelligence to find their new home. UNU works in the same way by tapping into the knowledge of a group of people and to give everyone a united voice which is actually based on compromise.

What do you think about this new artificial intelligence that predicted the top four horses who won the Kentucky Derby? Do you think this new software could be used to help doctors give a better medical diagnosis? Sound off with your opinion on this and let everyone know what you think!


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