May 05, 2016 I Clarissa Wilson

Google Wants to Inject a Computer into Your Eyes

If you are getting tired of wearing regular contact lenses or even eyeglasses, you may be in luck soon. According to  the patent, Google filed the patent for the electronic contact lenses back in 2014 but it was published online last Thursday.

Although this new computerized contact lens will help people see without the need to keep putting contact lenses in every day and they also won’t need to wear eyeglasses, there is a rather lengthy and intrusive procedure to having these new electronic contact lenses placed in the eye. Think of it as having a computer in your eye. Ouch!

Color contact lens eye chocola
Soon, you may have the option to have electronic contact lenses implanted into your eyes.

Here is exactly how the procedure will work for those opting in for it: First, the lens of the eye will have to be surgically removed. Let’s hope they knock him or her out before they do this first part! Second, they will inject some type of fluid into the capsule of the eye. Ouch again! The fluid will act like some type of glue that will allow the surgeon who is performing the procedure to attach the computerized lens to it. They will attach an “intra ocular” device to the capsule of the eye with the fluid keeping it in. After the device is implanted into the lens capsule, the fluid will act like a type of “coupling” which will then make an electronic contact lens.

Now, how does this device inside the eye work to allow people to see far and close-up? The device has a sensor inside it that will “sense” when the person is trying to see something far or something up-close. It will give those who have trouble seeing, complete visual clarity. They will be able to see perfectly!

In fact, the sensor will sense someone trying to see something far, as far as 20 centimeters away, and it will also sense someone trying to see something close, as close as nine centimeters near.

In other words, this contact lens will give those who decide to use it perfect vision and it will only have to be inserted into the eyes one time. No more taking your contact lenses out at night and putting new ones in the next day and no more wearing eyeglasses. That is, if you will want someone implanting something like this into your eyes.

Google wants to improve your vision soon.

However, this doesn’t mean this will actually happen in the near future. Just because Google filed the patent, doesn’t mean it will be approved any time soon or ever. But, of course, you never know when it comes to Google either. Remember when they came up with the contact lens that runs on solar power and checks people’s glucose levels? You just never know with them what will happen and what they will come up with next!

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