May 20, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Mass ‘Demonic Possession’ at Haunted Peruvian School

It was a tall man all dressed in black and with a big beard and it felt like he was trying to strangle me. My friends say I was screaming desperately, but I don’t remember much.

That’s just one account from a student at an elementary school in Peru where nearly one hundred students were said to experience seizures that looked like demonic possession. The school has a haunted past. Is there a connection?

truck 570x266
Rushing a convulsing child to an emergence vehicle

The incidents of alleged demonic possession have reportedly been occurring at the Elsa Perea Flores School in Tarapato, a major city in northern Peru. Since at least April 29th, students (it appears to be mostly girls) between the ages of 11 and 14 have been fainting, frothing at the mouth, seeing hallucinations, vomiting and shaking as if experiencing severe convulsions. Many of them claim to be chased by a “man in black” trying to attack them. One girl was witnessed struggling to breath, holding her neck and screaming “Take it out!”

Calls for emergency assistance have occurred frequently enough that the local media has covered the story, showing videos on the news and social media sites of trucks carrying screaming children and distraught teachers and parents to hospitals where they’re treated for nausea, anxiety and the other symptoms of their mysterious and frightening condition.

Is it hysteria of the mass kind? Perhaps not. The site where Elsa Perea Flores School was built has an unusual and possibly haunted past. There are reports that excavations for the foundation uncovered human bones and remains. Franklin Steiner, a reported parapsychologist, said of the site:

It is known that years ago there were many victims of terrorism here.

What kind of terrorism? Locals remember that the site was once rumored to be a Mafia graveyard. There’s not much concrete (cement shoes or otherwise) information on this or any other past terrorism incidents or hauntings.

The reports don’t give any indications as to what may have started the alleged ‘demonic possession’ in one child that spread quickly through the school The usual culprit – playing with a Ouija board – was suggested by some locals.

pink ouija 570x370
A Ouija board being marketed to children - a good idea?

Dr. Antony Choy, who has seen the children, is puzzled.

We don't understand how this has kept on going on. We know it started on 29th April and now it is still happening. Now there are almost 80 pupils [still affected].

It’s always easy to blame these incidents on mass hysteria, but there appear to be doctors on site. It's also difficult to prove demonic possession, but the site does have a ghastly past. Is it one, the other or a little of both?

Has anyone checked for gas leaks? Tainted food in the lunchroom? Pranksters?

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