May 21, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Teen Channels Tesla and Builds Free Energy Device

A 13-year-old boy in Nevada has channeled the spirit of Nikola Tesla and invented a free energy device out of common household materials. Also like Tesla, news of his invention seems to have been mysteriously suppressed by either the mainstream media or others for months. What’s going on here?

A video interview of ‘teen Tesla’ Max Loughan by KTVN Channel 2 in Reno and Tahoe, Nevada, has been making the rounds this week, even though it appears to have actually aired back in February. In it, Max demonstrates the free energy device he invented and talks about his personal philosophy and inspiration.

As cheesy as this sounds, from day one, on this planet that I knew I was put here for a reason. And that reason is to invent, to bring the future.

Wearing a shirt with Tesla’s picture on it, Max unveils his electro magnetic harvester which he made out of a coffee can, wire, coils and a spoon. He claims that the device “takes energy from the air” and converts it from AC to DC. To prove it, he clips a wire to a string of LED lights and powers them on. Max then brags that the parts for his invention cost him around 14 dollars.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because the concept resembles Tesla’s “Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy” and his plans to provide the world with a free source of electric energy.

apparatus for the utilization of radiant energyjpg 570x801
A page from Tesla's patent document

What also sounds eerily familiar is the fact that the interview of Max Loughan about his invention seems to have taken place and been broadcast in February 2016 but only surfaced on the Internet in mid-May. Many of Tesla’s inventions are believed to have been suppressed by those whose profits would be negatively impacted by them. Is the same thing happening to Max Loughan?

Few details of Max’s invention were released with the video, and lighting a string of LEDs is not the same as powering a major city with energy pulled from the air. However, it’s a spark and, like Telsa's ideas and creations, it can light a fire in other young inventors who feel the same way as Max:

My true goal is to help. It is to invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound.

Make people happy for free? Why would big business want to suppress that?

Keep your eyes open, Max.

Paul Seaburn

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