Researchers who were working near the Mariana Trench have gotten video footage of a jellyfish that looks like it could be from outer space. According to Gizmodo, the researchers have been working on the NOAA’s ship Okeanos Explorer which released their remote operated Deep Discoverer to a ridge called the Enigma Seamount that is near the Mariana Trench where they were exploring recently. It was here that they got video of the jellyfish, which the scientific name is hydromedusa, which is from the Crossota genus.

jellyfish 2 570x297
This jellyfish looks like it may have come from outer space.

Most jellyfish from this specimen are typically a lot smaller than this one and either more transparent or have less pigmentation. Also, they typically only live for about two or three days and usually don’t grow much more than a few millimeters. They also typically have a deeper color in their “bell” or head. However, some of these jellyfish have grown much bigger in size and live a lot longer, typically a few months.

jellyfish 1
This is the jellyfish they captured on video that looks like it came from a different planet.

According to the report from Gizmodo, this jellyfish is bigger with two sets of tentacles. One set is short and the other is longer. While you watch the video, you can see that the bell is motionless while the long tentacles stretched out. This means, according to the report that this jellyfish is in predation mode. Also, inside the bell is what looks like bright yellow gonads where the radial canals are the connecting points for these gonads.

The Okeanos Explorer is checking everything out and finding a lot of different things. Some of these amazing things include fields of sedimented bells and small but slimy deep-sea acorn worms, If you are curious about the progress of the ship, you can track it here and watch the amazing live feed of their exploration here.

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