It was stood upright one moment. The next it was down on all fours running like a dog. I was terrified.

This eyewitness report matches others coming from Hull (Kinston on Hull) in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, where a legendary werewolf with bad breath named Old Stinker has apparently returned to feast on dogs and terrorize their owners. What’s the background of this 8-foot-tall monster and how did it get its halitosis reputation?

According to local reports, the first of the most recent sightings of Old Stinker occurred around Christmas 2015 at an old water channel called the Barmston Drain. This industrial area has many of these man-made channels – the Barmston Drain was built in 1798 to drain salt marshes. According to this witness:

It bounded along on all fours, then stopped and reared up on to its back legs, before running down the embankment towards the water. It vaulted 30 feet over to the other side and vanished up the embankment and over a wall into some allotments.

Barmston Drainl 570x388
The Barmston Drain where Old Stinker has been seen

At least seven people in the same area have subsequently seen the creature, describing it as 8-feet-tall and looking and acting like a half-man-half-wolf. One couple claimed it was eating a German shepherd. The witnesses say this is a ‘full moon’ type of werewolf who keeps his human legs but whose upper body looks like a wolf. As a result, many brave and curious Hull residents are planning to set up cameras during the next full moon.

If the creature is Old Stinker, he may be lost. The legend of this werewolf goes back centuries in the Yorkshire Wolds and the Wold Newton Triangle, an area 40 miles north of Hull where the last of England’s wild wolves once roamed. Tales of wolves digging up bodies in cemeteries contributed to the werewolf’s bad breath reputation. The last reported sighting until now occurred in the 1960s when a truck driver claimed his vehicle was attacked by a corpse-breathed werewolf.

Hull is within a wolf’s range of the Wold Newton Triangle and has plenty of old abandoned factories for hiding. There’s enough fear of Old Stinker that a local politician has offered to keep track of sightings and report them to the Hull Council to take action.

movie werewolf 570x340
Anyone searching for Old Stinker should remember that he's reportedly 8-feet tall

Is Old Stinker back to dine on doggies in Hull? The ‘full moon’ transformation legend is a 20th century addition to the werewolf myth so some suspect it may just be a big dog seen in the dark by people with movie-fueled imaginations. England also has its share of alien big cats and there's been talk of reintroducing wolves. Has someone already released one?

Hull residents fearing an encounter with this werewolf might want to try a little kindness. Perhaps all Old Stinker is looking for is some floss and a mint.

Paul Seaburn

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