It’s being called “The Center for Immortality,” “The Fountain of Youth” and “The Fort Knox of Biological Materials,” but the best description for the new Timeship Building currently under construction in Texas is the “Mecca of Cryogenics.” This futuristic complex is expected to someday house 50,000 frozen humans waiting to be brought back from the dead or their frigid state of suspended animation.

DNA, tissue samples, and cryopreserved patients will be housed in Timeship, and their safety and security against all threats, both natural and human-made, will have to be maintained for hundreds of years.

vlentine 570x329
Stephen Valentine signing his book, Timeship: The Architecture of Immortality, in 2009

Architect Stephen Valentine has been planning this complex with cryonics experts for years but construction on the main building didn’t begin until last month on land in Comfort, Texas, (isn’t all of Texas comfortable?). Called the Timeship Building, it will be the “Center for Immortality,” housing cryopreserved bodies, organs, tissues, DNA and other biological materials for future reanimation and use.

tanks 570x321
Will the inside of the Timeship building looks something like this?

Since it’s unknown when the ability to resuscitate will be available (a cryopreserved rabbit’s brain was successfully thawed in February but not placed back in a bunny), Valentine is designing the facility to be ready for anything for a long time.

Timeship has been designed to provide that security at every level, from defense against terrorist attack, to sea level changes due to global warming, to interruption of energy supplies due to any catastrophe.

sacred geometry 570x276
Sacred geometry was used in the design of the complex

The walled complex will provide office and research facilities for workers, temporary housing and conference facilities for guest and space for participating biotech companies. While using the latest available technology for housing the advanced engineered cooling system called the Temperature Controlled Volume Units (TCV), Valentine also addresses the spiritual aspect of the ‘immortality’ of cryogenics by using sacred geometry in the design to symbolize birth and re-birth.

It’s unclear when the Timeship Building will be completed, let alone the rest of the ‘Center for Immortality.’ If your goal is immortality, you’ve obviously got plenty of time and you'll want to spend it in Comfort.

Paul Seaburn

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