You knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Stories are emerging about Pokémon Go players trying to catch Pokémon in Area 51. Are they true? What Pokémon did they find there? Is there any connection to people looking for Pokémon in Area 51 and the rumors that the game is actually a form of alien mind control similar to that of the Ktarians (ask a Trekkie)?

First, a quick update for the uninitiated (and thank you for coming to Mysterious Universe for your information). Pokémon Go is a free-to-play mobile app for iOS or Android which uses your phone’s GPS to determine your actual location and then adds Pokémon (pocket monsters) for you to “catch.” Yes, they're the same Pokémon you remember that started with the Game Boy handheld video game. Since the app puts Pokémon “where you are,” you are seeing even more people than before walking around, staring at their phones and tapping away. (Check out our latest podcast for even more exiting Pokémon Go information).


The game finds Pokémon everywhere, so why not look for them at Area 51, one of the most secure and mysterious places on earth? Are there any there? It’s hard to tell. One report about a man named Steve Whittaker who claimed he was arrested after jumping an Area 51 fence in pursuit of a Mewtwo turned out to be a fake (the part about President Obama holding a press conference to address the issue and talk about his own Pokémon Go adventures was a clue).

A better source is the gaming website FragHero, which sent a team to the Extraterrestrial Highway (State Route 375) which leads up to Area 51. They found Pokémon, gyms and Pokestops. They didn’t go inside but went right up to the gate – which is close enough for government work.

area 51

Speaking of the government, while some are already calling Pokémon Go some kind of government mind control plot, a few others think it may be of an alien origin because of its resemblance to the plot of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Game” where Riker brings a virtual game onto the Enterprise which turns the crew into mind-controlled slaves of the Ktarians.


So, Pokémon Go has quickly grabbed the attention of the smartphone-holding world, Pokémon have been seen close to Area 51 and the game has taken control of human users like a similar alien game on Next Generation (and we know how many Star Trek innovations have become reality).

Is Pokémon Go a tool of someone (government or alien) aiming to control human minds? If your mind is already controlled, does it matter who is doing the controlling?

Is that Pikachu in that field by Area 51?


Paul Seaburn

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