Aug 26, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Attack of the Blood-Sucking Killer Mosquito Tornadoes

Sharks may have the reputation, star in the best movies and inspire the scariest music, but the creature that kills more humans annually  than even humans do is the tiny mosquito. As we’ve seen this year with the spread of the Zika virus, one is enough to cause a problem. What does it mean when your town is attacked by tornadoes filled with these blood-sucking, disease-spreading killers? Will you have time to complete the Mosquito-nado! movie script and film the event before running for your life?

An unnamed man in Yekaterinburg, Russia, recorded a number of mosquito tornadoes on the horizon just before sunset on August 13th. For those hoping this is an obscure event in a remote, mostly uninhabited part of Siberia, Yekaterinburg is actually the fourth largest city in Russia and near the border of Russia and Kazakhstan.

For those hoping there’s nothing sinister behind these mosquito tornadoes, Yekaterinburg was formerly known as Sverdlovsk. On April 2, 1979, an event which became known as the “biological Chernobyl” occurred there when a powerful form of anthrax was “accidentally” released by the Military Compound 19 military facility. An estimated 100 people died but the incident was denied by the Soviet Union (blaming tainted meat) and the facility – which is still in operation – has been closed to journalists since 1992. Oh, and they changed the name of Sverdlovsk to Yekaterinburg. Nothing to see here. Move along. Ignore those mosquito tornadoes.

Mosquito portugall 570x473
A mosquito tornado seen in Portugal in 2014

What ABOUT those mosquito tornadoes? Entomologists say that while mosquitoes do swarm, a tight swirling mass of millions of mozzies in the shape of a tornado is extremely rare. One other reported incident occurred over the Tagus River in Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal, and was captured on film by Ana Filipa Scarpa, who got close enough to estimate it was 1,000 feet high.

Are mosquitoes organizing to harness the power of tornadoes and fight back against the intrusion of humans into their world? Has something new and deadly escaped from Military Compound 19? Was the Russian video just a trailer for Mosquito-nado - coming soon to a theater near you?

swarm 570x425
We're gonna need a bigger net

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