Aug 07, 2016 I Brett Tingley

Dead Animals Rise Again As Fully-Functional Drones

Dutch inventor Bart Jansen is known for constructing wild and whimsical fully-functioning drones. What makes his drones unique is the material he chooses for the drones’ chassis: dead animal carcasses. Jansen employs taxidermists to preserve and position animal corpses into forms suitable for mounting quadcopter components.

Jansen previously made headlines with his first creation, a working quadcopter made from a mummified dead cat. Now, Jansen is back in the news as he begins work on his next project: building a helicopter suitable for human transport from a cow carcass.

Jansen has also made flying corpses out of rats, sharks, and even a full-sized ostrich. The Dutchman even once made a remote-controlled submarine out of a preserved badger specimen.

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Death from above.

Jansen told a BBC interviewer that his love of making zany drones out of animal carcasses has led to his next big idea: 

If I'm going to fly, I want to fly in something weird. So we've been thinking about animals that are big enough to fly in. We have a cow at the moment -- it's at the tannery right now. It's going to be like a bovine personnel carrier, but airborne.

Jansen first developed an interest in taxidermy while collecting dead animals for a 2007 book about roadkill. Today, the Dutch artist and inventor stays busy filling orders from all over the world, although most of his orders come from the United States.

The inventor with his Ratcopter.

Jansen’s cat drone came about after the beloved family pet Orville was struck and killed by a car. Since the cat was named after one of the first men in flight, the idea for the cat carcass drone came naturally to Jansen. When he’s not busy turning the corpses of pets into flying machines, Jansen installs solar panels for a living.

As more and more companies such as Amazon begin testing drones for use in product delivery, it makes sense that some will try and make their drones stand out in a crowded field. If Amazon ever breaks into the dairy products market, Jansen’s cow could be the perfect vehicle for their deliveries.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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