Aug 18, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Levitating Chihuahua Reported by Cops on Scottish Ghost Call

Yes, the headline is correct. Scottish media is reporting that police officers in Rutherglen responding to a call about a ghost in a house allegedly witnessed a levitating Chihuahua and more.

After the officers arrived at the scene, they witnessed bizarre occurrences, from clothes flying across the room, lights going on and off, oven doors opening and closing and lampshades mysteriously turned upside down. The mother and son's pet Chihuahua too was involved in the supposed haunting, after it ended up on top of a seven-foot hedge whilst playing in the garden.

house 570x379
The house where the bizarre incidents were reported

According to reports, the call to the police was made by Catherine Shreenan after she and her son experienced two days of strange activities inside and outside their house on Stonelaw Road in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire. An unnamed police source (the only name revealed in any of the reports was that of Catherine Shreenan) said the police responded twice on August 8th and 9th and initially expected it to be a mental health situation. Instead, they supposedly witnessed what looked like a poltergeist disturbance and called their superiors for backup and to corroborate their sure-to-be-questioned-and-possibly-ridiculed report.

The officers called their superiors, who also attended, thinking the cops were perhaps being a bit silly. But it’s being taken very seriously. One problem we’ve got is where we go from here, as no crime has been established, so what else can we do but deal with any reports of disturbances.

police scotland 570x319
Next time they'll be better prepared

Again, no names were given but the media reports say the family is Catholic so the police contacted someone from the Catholic Church and a priest supposedly came out and blessed the house. The cops also were allegedly trying to contact previous residents of the house to see if they had any ghost sightings.

Of course, social media went crazy and Catherine Shreenan is now dealing with things worse than ghosts … trolls. Hopefully she can get assistance for that too from the doctors and social workers purportedly called in to help her and her son deal with whatever it was that happened.

buddhist 570x432
Perhaps the Chihuahua would have prefered a Buddhist priest

What DID they experience? That’s a good question. Shreehan has reportedly moved out of the house and says she wants to be left alone.

It’s placed enormous stress on the family. I’ve had people, teenagers, going past my home singing Ghostbusters.

However, it doesn’t appear she’s rescinded her story about a ghost or ghosts. The major issue with the story lies in the lack of any solid details: official police reports, names of the cops, name of the priest, photographs taken of the aftermath, photos of the levitating Chihuahua. That would have been a good one. All we know is that the little pooch was on the ground and then suddenly appeared on a 7-foot hedge.

Still, it’s an interesting ghost story anyway. Look for a number of bands to change their names to The Levitating Chihuahuas.

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