Aug 06, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Over Gateway Arch in St. Louis Still Unsolved

A cell phone video and surveillance camera footage of a UFO hovering over the famous Gateway Arch straddling the Mississippi River in St. Louis have been traveling around the Internet and media sites for nearly a week with no explanation yet. Do aliens take summer vacation road trips? Would you recognize one in the crowds at Disneyworld?

According to various St. Louis media sites, Chase Rhoads, an “independent cleaning consultant” at the Casino Queen (“Home of the Loosest Slots!”) in East St. Louis (that’s on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River) was on his smoke break at around 2:30 am on August 2nd when he saw something strange over the arch.

I've been out there for a little over a month now and I've never seen anything above that arch. I was sitting on my break just smoking a cigarette as normal and looked at the arch and the strobe light appeared. It just appeared.

Rhoads has the presence of mind (and desire for fame) to record the blinking UFO and send it to a local TV station which showed it on a news report. That prompted an unnamed quick-thinking employee at the Malcolm W Martin Memorial Park (“Home of the Gateway Geyser and the Mississippi River Overlook!”), also in Illinois, to check the surveillance footage from its Gateway Arch camera (“Best View of the Loosest Slots!”) and found five minutes of footage of the same UFO.

Not wanting to pass up a good marketing opportunity, park officials posted the video on their Facebook page (“We guarantee you will be perplexed if you watch all 5 minutes of this surveillance footage!”) where speculations on what it might be piled up (“Home of the Best Comments on the Gateway Arch UFO!”)

As of this writing, there have been no confirmed explanations of the UFO. Spokespersons from the FAA and the nearby Scott Air Force Base say it’s not theirs.

There are a few interesting things about this UFO. The park camera got a clear shot and also showed a second light descending. It’s not the first UFO captured by that park’s surveillance camera. On July 14 2016, it reportedly recorded a daytime UFO, although no other information or the video seem to be available. Mike Buehlhorn, director of the Metro East Parks and Recreation District, commented on the August 2nd UFO:

There's something weird with that one.

What struck him as weird? He didn’t say, but Chase Rhoads agreed.

It’s definitely odd, to be dead center over a national monument like that. If that was the White House, people would be all over that.

If it’s aliens, they’ve probably already visited the White House. Why go there again when you can visit the "Home of the Loosest Slots" instead?



Paul Seaburn
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