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Clear Photo of Loch Ness Monster Still Doubted By Skeptics

The biggest complaint about Loch Ness monster sightings – not to mention those of Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena – is that the photographs always seem to be blurry despite the universal spread of smart phones with excellent still photo and video capabilities. So why is it that a recent crystal clear image of something in Loch Ness that looks like a head, hump and tail of Nessie doesn’t convince the photo complainers?

According to various reports, whisky warehouse worker Ian Bremner claims he was wandering around the loch on September 10 in an area between the villages of Dores and Inverfarigaig, taking photographs of nature as he likes to do on weekends. (He’s 58, has four kids and probably gets free whisky from work – sounds like he has some other good reasons to get out of the house.)

sceneryjpg 570x380
It is nice scenery

He says that on this particular day he was looking to photograph red deer. However, when Bremner got home to examine what he photographed, he noticed something in the water that looked like the Loch Ness Monster. The image is clear and it looks quite a bit like an estimated two-meter-long sea creature surfacing for air, hunting for fish or teasing a human. But is it a Nessie?

Bremner admits he didn’t see whatever it was he photographed. He also didn’t hear it in the water. He says he was looking for red deer, which makes a photograph of the water seem strange, especially since the humps definitely don’t resemble swimming deer.

deer in water 570x380
Swimming deer

He apparently showed the photo around and it eventually ended up in the local newspaper and on the Internet. The most frequent comment from skeptics is that the one monster is actually three seals, lined up coincidentally and deceptively with one showing its head, another its body and a tail bringing up the rear. Seals have been spotted in Loch Ness before, although rarely in groups. Common harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) live in the North Atlantic and can enter the loch via the River Ness. They like to jump and, if seen at the right time of the leap, could look like a hump of a sea monster. If it’s seals, it may be tough to verify by additional sightings since common seals spend most of their time underwater.

loch ness seals 570x588
Seals spotted in Loch Ness in 1985

This has been a popular year for Nessie sightings. One report lists Bremner’s as the sixth in 2016, coming just a few weeks after the alleged twin Nessie  sighting with its much blurrier photograph.

seals 570x456
For comparison purposes - a seal swimming.

What is in Ian Bremner’s clear photograph? If he didn’t have the incredible luck of accidentally snapping a Loch Ness Monster, did he have the incredible luck of accidentally snapping three seals lined up in a perfect position to look like Nessie? Or is it a very good CGI fake?

How can a clear photograph be so cloudy?

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