Does Bigfoot take vacations? If so, a video making the rounds of what appears to be a Bigfoot in front of a beautiful waterfall in Indonesia shows it has a preference for relaxing locales. While Bigfoot, Yeti, tall bears or other large occasionally-bipedal creatures aren’t normally seen in Indonesia, the country of islands is known for many strange and somewhat similar cryptids. Could this be an Orang Pendek on steroids?


The appearance of the creature in the video is brief and so are the details on the sighting, which is disappointing for a channel that calls itself Bigfoot TV. The tall (some viewers estimate it to be 8 ft  or 2.4 m high) creature walks in front of the waterfall and disappears. While it doesn’t seem to be bathing, there are comments that it’s glistening as if it just stepped out of a shower. Some commenters see a pail or water bucket in its hand, others spot two or three more creatures in the shadows. The quality of the video seems good but doesn’t hold up well under magnification. Indonesia has plenty of waterfalls so trying to pinpoint the location is impossible without more information.

A Bigfoot sighting in Indonesia is not as strange as it sounds in this country of creepy cryptids. The closest to a Sasquatch would be the Orang Gadang, a giant (up to 12 ft or 3.6 m) dark-furred cryptid seen mostly on Sumatra or Malaya. If the creature in the video is dark because it’s wet, it could be an oversized Orang Pendek (aka Orang-pendek or Uhang Pandak), a red-furred, height-challenged (topping out at 4 ft or 1.2 m) ape-man most often seen on Sumatra and frequently linked to the ‘Hobbit’ (Homo floresiensis) – the proven but extinct small human of the island of Flores whose existence still lives on in local legends.


The creature in the video has no wings so it’s most likely not an Ahool – a giant batlike cyptid – or an Orang bati – the 1.5 m (5 ft.) batman who steals babies and takes them back to its volcanic abode for nefarious purposes.

This eliminates the similar Indonesian cryptids. Is it a bear? If so, it would have to be an unusually enormous Sun Bear - native to Sumatra and Borneo – or a non-native large bear escaped from a zoo or a private owner.

That leaves the most mysterious cryptid of all … the elusive human-in-an-ape-costume.

Which one is it? Until we get more information, your guess is as good as mine.

Paul Seaburn

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