Oct 12, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Fidel Castro Says He Saw a UFO During the Cuban Revolution

I have seen one.

While we have to depend on Julian Assange and Wikileaks to tell us what Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager and chief ufologist John Podesta are learning in emails about UFOs and alien encounters, former Cuban president Fidel Castro has come out of the UFO closet and admitted in an interview reiterated in a new book that he saw a UFO during the Cuban revolution.

There we were, in the middle of the night, with our rifles on our knees. Then we suddenly saw a light darting among the stars. The light approached the group of commanders and poured over us like a bucket. It was round and enormous. The countryside and the mountains became illuminated as though it was daylight.

pointing 570x323
It was right up there

That firsthand account of Fidel’s UFO sighting comes from “Solo Para Tus Ojos (For Your Eyes Only)” by UFO researcher and writer Juan José (J.J.) Benítez. Benítez turned 70 this year and decided to publish a selection of some of the most interesting stories he’s encountered while researching UFOs. He’s heard quite a few, since this is just the first of what he says will be a three-book series.

My intention was to collect a thousand cases from all over the world which caught my attention for some reason at the time, and which are unpublished events.

benitez 570x259
Juan José (J.J.) Benítez

J.J. Benítez is well-known in the Spanish UFO world (and should be better known outside of it), having researched them since 1972, published over 50 books that have sold almost nine million copies worldwide and hosted the documentary series Planeta Encantado (Enchanted Planet).

Benítez’s account of Fidel’s sighting comes from an interview Castro gave to researcher Jose Luis Gil. Castro could not give an exact date - it occurred somewhere between 1953 and 1959 – or identify any other witnesses. Who’s going argue with Fidel?

Castro is not the only world leader to have witnessed a UFO. Ronald Reagan claimed to have seen one from a private plane in 1974.

reagan 570x238
Reagan swapping stories with an old friend

After over 40 years of researching them, J.J. Benítez’s views on UFOs and aliens should come as no surprise.

First and foremost is that the UFO phenomenon is true, the phenomenon is real, there is no doubt at all by those who have certain information at their disposal or have seen them. Second, is that "they" are not human. They do not originate from the Earth. They hail from multiple points of origin, galaxies, unknown dimensions to which we still lack access. Third, they have been here always. When we research history, cave art, mythology, we realize that this is indeed the case. They were already here at the dawn of time, and before that as well.

Fidel Castro would probably agree.

Paul Seaburn

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