Oct 13, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Flying Dorito UFO Spotted Again, This Time With a Plane

The mystery of the Flying Dorito UFO seen last week over The Wrekin in Shropshire, England, deepened this week with another sighting – this time, with the mysterious wedge-shaped aircraft seemingly approaching or flying with a small airplane. This is the third reported sighting of the Flying Dorito in the area since 2010. Is something in The Wrekin attracting it?

I’m aware of reports of a UFO over The Wrekin and this looks like the same thing.

Rachel Davies from nearby Grinshill reported to the Shropshire Star that she was resting her horse near the Sleap Airfield, a small private airport, when the animal was spooked by a low-flying plane. After passing over them, she watched the plane climb to an estimated 1,000 feet … and that’s when she saw it.

But all of a sudden a black triangle shaped aircraft or drone looking thing shot up the side of it and then stayed in front of the little aeroplane. They both came around towards us in a circle so I took this photo with my iPhone 5.

Rachel also noticed that the triangle had a different sound that the low buzz of the private plane.

You could hear the aeroplane but there was a humming sound that was high pitched so I assume this was the black triangle.

2016 570x380
The Flying Dorito seen previously in the area

Her report doesn’t say what happened to the Flying Dorito after she took the photograph. Since she was so near the small airport, the first speculation would be that it was a drone or an unusual and possibly homemade plane. Nathan Cross, a Sleap Airfield employee who was on duty at the time (early evening) was puzzled.

To my knowledge, the last aircraft to land was definitely a conventional design, much like the aircraft top left in your picture. I might be tempted to say that the triangular shape is a model Vulcan or similar.

vulcan 570x380
A 1/5th scale model Vulcan bomber

He’s referring to an RC model of the triangular delta-winged strategic nuclear bomber aircraft operated by the RAF until 1986. However, Cross checked and there was no activity in the airport’s model aircraft section that evening.

The logical explanation I have is that it may be – although it would need to be from a particular angle – a Rutan Varieze aircraft, there are a couple based at Sleap.

rutan 570x380
A Rutan Varieze

The Rutan Varieze is a high-performance homebuilt aircraft with the wings in the rear, making it somewhat triangular, although not much like the wedge in the photograph. Cross confirmed that one had been flying at the time. However, it’s a conventional propeller aircraft and would have made a loud sound, not a high-pitched hum.

Could it be the alleged secret TR-3B triangular military aircraft that gets blamed for most triangular UFO sightings these days? Not likely, since it would be much larger than the small plane.

So the Flying Dorito is still an unidentified flying object. Why are they being seen in this area? The Wrekin is named for a giant in a folk tale about how he dumped the dirt there that became the hill. Is there some truth to the tale … is he a giant alien whose home planet is looking for him?

Cross doesn’t rule that out either.

Or perhaps it is a genuine UFO – we will remain diligent.

A good rule for all of us.

Paul Seaburn

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