Oct 19, 2016 I Micah Hanks

Mysterious ‘Saucer’ Causes Confusion During Fly-By Over Geneva

On the evening of Wednesday, October 12, an unusual flying object was spotted in the skies above Geneva, Switzerland, near the Geneva stadium in the Praille district.

RT reported that "numerous witnesses" captured footage of the aircraft, which witnesses described as dark colored and circular or oval-shaped, with three lights on the object's leading edge (see image at the top of this post).

Matías Vitkieviez, a football player present at the time the object appeared, posted about the incident on his Facebook page. "Everyone sees the same thing as me???", Vitkieviez wrote in one post, showing what appeared to be the circular object viewed through gaps in a chainlink fence. "It's completely crazy!!! UFO above the industrial area behind the stage of la praille," another post read.

Subsequent photos were posted by Vitkieviez, along with one video which appears to show the object blinking out, or flying away at a high rate of speed after seemingly hovering in place (admittedly, this footage looks like it might have been faked). Additional footage taken from a moving vehicle momentarily showed the illuminated object in the distance.

aliens 570x361
The "aliens" which appeared during the bizarre interview segment following the incident.

A final series of videos appearing on Vitkieviez' page depicts a satirical segment on a television program, in which the host can be seen "interviewing" a pair of aliens in studio, making light of the situation. One commenter, Archeo Fox, wrote that the segment was "irresponsible, pathetic and disrespectful to real witnesses."

The satirical display discussed here, in response to what had apparently been a legitimate observation of some kind of aircraft near the Geneva Stadium, is reminiscent of an infamous press conference held in the aftermath of the well-known Phoenix Lights incident. In March of 1997, a series of illuminations were seen in the night sky over Phoenix, Arizona, after which Phoenix Governor Fife Symington appeared on television and addressed the occurrence. During the press conference, he was accompanied on stage by an individual wearing an alien costume, intentionally treating the affair in a lighthearted manner. Later, however, Symington would go on record saying that he had been among the many who observed the object in question, describing it as a massive triangular craft "with a distinct leading edge."

2015 570x342
Strange aerial phenomena above Geneva was also reported in 2015, as depicted in this still from a video which shows a swirling portion of clouds in the daylight.

The French language news site 20 Minutes quoted one witness, identified only as "George", as saying the object was seen only for several seconds, before taking off in a manner that gave some the impression it had been "burning".

According to the 20 Minutes report:

"It was about 20:30, the phenomenon lasted about twenty seconds and the object departed at once, as if it was burning," says George, a witness.He said the UFO was "as big as a plane, with both static light ends as small projectors." It made a shrill noise. "I assure you, I do not drink and do not do drugs!" Said the Genevans.

Assertions that the object had merely been a lighted tower near the stadium were refuted, with locals noting that the tower in question had not been in service for years.

According to officials at the Geneva Airport, no calls were received on the night in question that indicated anything unusual. A statement given to 20 Minutes said that, "No drone flight was planned at this place to our knowledge," according to Bertrand Stämpfli, a spokesman with the airport. Area law enforcement similarly said that no calls were received, and that "No drone flights or helicopter had been announced or previously registered by the police. "

As for what, precisely, occurred over Geneva last week, we may not yet have details enough to come to any firm conclusions. If additional photos and video emerge in the coming days (considering the number of people who were allegedly present when the object appeared), additional data gleaned from such sources may then offer a clearer idea as to what this object might have been.

Micah Hanks

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