Oct 29, 2016 I Brett Tingley

Mystery Incident Grounds British Airways Plane Mid-Flight

Maybe it’s Halloween, the return of the Old Ones, or perhaps the upcoming reptilian - I mean presidential - election, but whatever the reason, people are starting to act really weird. Between the rampant creepy clown sightings and the recent mass hallucinations that quarantined a hospital in Oregon, there are some strange things afoot. Now, a mysterious incident on a British Airways flight has the internet speculating about what possibly caused the plane’s crew to ground the aircraft mid-flight.

The flight was scheduled to land in London but was diverted to Vancouver's YVR airport.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, British Airways flight 286 from San Francisco to London was grounded in Vancouver after a series of contradictory announcements from the flight crew. First, it was announced that a technical problem would force the plane to land in Calgary. Next, an announcement was made that there was a sick passenger or crew member and that the plane would instead land in Vancouver.

Passengers were left scrambling to make accommodations or new travel plans.

Upon landing in Vancouver, twenty-five crew members were taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. All were released shortly thereafter. However, to add more mystery to this incident, both British Airways and the hospital have refused to release what symptoms the crew members were experiencing.

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The flight crew originally stated they would land in Calgary, but instead flew further to Vancouver. Most sources speculate this was to drain as much fuel from the plane as possible.

A statement from British Airways claims that the landing wasn’t technically an emergency, since nothing was wrong with the plane's ability to fly:

Just to clarify it was not an emergency landing. The flight from San Francisco diverted to Vancouver after members of the cabin crew became unwell. The cabin crew were checked as a precaution at local hospitals before being discharged.

Some sources have speculated that the mystery illness aboard the plane could be some sort of mass sociogenic hallucination, sometimes referred to as Folie à deux. However, The Daily Mail has reported that someone on the flight claimed the grounding was due to some sort of toxic fumes, which caused someone to become ill after inhalation. Whatever the cause of this incident was, British Airways is remaining tight-lipped. Is this an indication that mass hallucinations are spreading? If so, this could be one interesting Halloween.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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