Oct 18, 2016 I Brent Swancer

Sinister Skies: Strange Cases of UFO Attacks

Stories of alien invasion have been a staple of science fiction for years, and the idea that advanced civilizations would come across the sea of stars to our world to wage war with advanced weaponry beyond our imagination has enthralled generations. Yet could this ever happen for real? If some bizarre accounts from around the world are to be believed, it already has, at least to some extent. Every once in awhile, from the landscape of UFO strangeness looms an account that seems to suggest that aliens are not only here, but that they are not necessarily friendly. Here we will look at harrowing reports and see footage of UFOs attacking, even killing, and show that perhaps the idea of alien invasion and UFO attacks have stepped out from beyond the confines of pure fiction and speculation.

In 1977, an investigation known as Operation Saucer was launched to look into a series of incidents reported from the Brazilian city of Colares. Locals of the area claimed that there were numerous instances of bright objects of varying sizes and colors that were buzzing low over the tops of trees and shooting beams of bright light upon helpless people on the ground. These beams of light were reported to inflict a good amount of damage on those on the receiving end, including puncture marks, burns, and lesions, and those who claimed to have been struck by the mysterious weapons reported that being hit by the light felt like a heavy weight roughly pushed against their chest. The beams of light were described as being around seven or eight centimeters in diameter and pure white in color, and it was said that when they hit the victims would try to scream but that no sound would come out. The beams were described as feeling very intensely hot, like a cigarette being pressed into the flesh. Many of the victims of these light beam attacks were said to experience intense reddening of the skin akin to radiation injuries, and were said to lose their hair and exhibit an increasing blackening of the skin over time.


These rampaging flying saucers were known to the locals as the “chupa-chupa,” or “sucker sucker,” and panic began to mount, with many people moving away from the area altogether in order to escape the otherworldly onslaught. In some cases, the occupants of the UFOs were actually seen, and they were described as being diminutive creatures around 3 to 4 feet in height. The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) was called in to investigate just what was going on, and Operation Saucer was instigated. The investigation would allegedly culminate in a 2,000 page report featuring eyewitness testimony, around 500 photographs, and 16 hours of footage purportedly documenting the phenomenon. Over the course of the investigation, it is claimed that several military personnel had nervous breakdowns or displayed a variety of mental issues. The whole investigation was apparently kept top secret until some pages were released in 2004.

Despite all of this, the military was hesitant to attribute the phenomenon to aliens or UFOs, leading to a large amount of speculation. Some seem to think that this was a case of an area being used as a test ground for experimental aircraft, but others remain adamant that it was indeed aliens or some other non-human entities. One of the doctors who examined many of the patients suffering from the “alien attacks,” a Dr Carvalho, later claimed that she had been strongly encouraged by officials to downplay the injuries and chalk it all up to hallucinations. She even claims that she saw one of the UFOs herself, describing it as being a bright, cone-shaped or cylindrical object.


It would later become apparent from accounts by none other than Captain Uyrangê Bolivar Soares Nogueira de Hollanda Lima, the commander of the whole operation, that many of the men on the case had gone insane or been overcome with a thick, uncontrollable fear. He also revealed that some eyewitnesses reported coming face to face with the beings, which wore some form of protective clothing and shot colored beams. There were many reports that also spoke of UFOs emerging from the depths of the sea during the time, perhaps suggesting they were based underwater. Captain Hollanda would allegedly be found dead in his home under mysterious circumstances not long after making these claims. Was Brazil the scene of an attack from another world? Just what is going on here? Other than the sheer movie-like quality of the whole thing, some elements seem rather odd, such as the fact that it seems strange that if these attacks were indeed the result of advanced technology that they should only burn the skin or cause other non life threatening injuries. Why wouldn't such advanced weaponry do more damage? Nevertheless just what was going on will probably remain a mystery.

Another incredible purported series of UFO attacks was reported in various news sources and on radio broadcasts in 2002, from a small rural area near Lucknow, India. The news was sensational to say the least, seemingly of a tabloid variety, although it was covered in reputable news outlets. One newspaper called the Victoria Advocate published a rather dramatic headline on August 13th 2002, with a headline that read “UFOs are Attacking and Causing Unrest in India,” accompanied by a photo of a man who had sustained severe facial injuries. It sums up nicely the amazing bizarreness of the whole incident nicely, and it is a very strange tale to be sure.


At around the end of July of 2002, a massive influx of UFO sightings began to pour in from villagers in the rural area of Lucknow. The sightings seemed to describe two distinct types of UFOs; smaller craft shaped like balls or discs, which darted about and had flashing lights, and a massive, slow-moving insect-shaped craft. The big one was reportedly so enormous that it could be seen by villagers as far as 50 miles away. It was surmised by UFO enthusiasts at the time that this large craft was perhaps the mothership from which the smaller ones emerged. These sightings continued for a few days, causing a bit of panic but not much incident. And then the attacks began.

According to reports, the smaller craft began shooting “laser-like beams” at people, which usually struck the face to leave nasty burns, earning the UFOs the nickname Muhnochwa, or “face-burner,” although other parts of the body were targeted as well. In one case, a man named Ramji Pal was allegedly struck in the stomach by such a beam and reportedly died several days later of his injuries, and in another case a woman sustained serious burns to her forearms. In addition to the attacks, 20 people purportedly mysteriously vanished without a trace in the vicinity, and apparently have not been heard from since.

In total, 7 people reportedly died in these attacks, and the situation got so severe that throngs of frightened villagers gathered in front of police stations demanding that something be done. Of course, the authorities were skeptical, and even when shown injuries from the alleged attacks and photos and video footage of the ominous craft they were not convinced. Villagers ended up organizing squads of armed men to patrol the area after dark on the look out for marauding UFOs. There were apparently quite a few videos taken of the craft, including one taken by a district judge that shows the enormous insect-shaped mothership. Some of the footage taken of these craft can be seen here, although there are numerous other photos and clips if you look around. What is going on here? Is this all just hoaxers and mass hysteria, or was there some sinister alien force at work here?


It is hard to tell if some of these surreal reports are hoaxes or not, although many of these sorts of videos most certainly are. In the Middle East there have been numerous reports of UFOs allegedly attacking and destroying bases of both the Taliban and ISIS in recent days, with various videos presented as evidence. One piece of footage that made heavy rounds on the Internet is a video purportedly showing a somewhat disc-shaped craft hovering over a Taliban camp before completely obliterating it with some sort of laser weapon. Although it is a very exciting and rather ominous video with a very gritty and realistic feel to it, it is almost certainly fake. You can see it here. However, there are many other such videos that seem to suggest a strong and very aggressive UFO presence in the region, including another one showing a UFO attacking an ISIS stronghold, which you can see here. Again, this is most probably fake, but intriguing nevertheless.

In another apparent Middle East UFO attack, a large, comet-like object was seen streaking across the sky in south-eastern Sanliurfa Province, in Turkey, near an ISIS base. The object then suddenly explodes into a bright flash of light and rain of debris, although authorities later claimed that no debris could be found in the vicinity and made a statement that it was “a natural phenomenon.” The whole incident was captured on a CCTV camera, and it is unclear if this was just a comet, a UFO crash, or an attack of some kind. You can see the footage here. There are actually a surprising amount of such pieces of footage floating around allegedly showing UFOs attacking the Taliban and ISIS, and it is sometimes difficult to ascertain the authenticity of such footage. About the Middle East UFO attack videos, former British Ministry of Defense employee Nick Pope stated:

On the basis of my government work on UFOs I remain open-minded about the possibilities, but when the UFO community get excited about videos like this they do themselves no favors.


Regardless of skepticism, there are many who feel some of these strange videos are the real deal, and they have been hotly debated. Some feel they are straight out fakes, with CGI merely cleverly superimposed over actual war footage. Others say that they show natural phenomena, and others still think they may be top-secret man-made aircraft in action. Then there are those who believe these videos show the real deal; aliens attacking the Taliban and ISIS. Are UFOs in the Middle East on some sort of attack mission? Indeed, if any of this is true, then what would be their motives for such a thing and why would they be targeting these groups? Who knows?

Such alleged UFO attacks are not confined to exotic, far away lands, and there have been a few incidents in recent years that seem to be attacks of some sort that have occurred in the United States as well. Perhaps the story that has gotten the most exposure recently was the failed launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 on September 1, 2016, in which the rocket inexplicably exploded shortly before take off. Not long after the disaster, video footage that seems to show two bright lights passing by in the background shortly before the upper part of the rocket burst into flames. This footage has made heavy rounds in the news and on the Internet, with some claiming that these UFOs had something to do with the explosion. Debate has raged ever since between those who think these UFOs caused the incident in some sort of attack, and those who think the footage merely shows birds or some other mundane objects. In the meantime, SpaceX has been trying to get to the bottom of what really happened. You can see the controversial footage of the SpaceX UFOs here.

In another incident in the United States, in 2011, strange footage emerged from a Fort Worth military base, in Texas. Hundreds of people allegedly witnessed a series of strange lights before a sequence of odd explosions at the base, and many of these people reported that shortly before the explosions they could see the bright lights diving over the base in what seemed like some sort of bombing run. The objects were claimed to make no sound at all before the brightly colored explosions erupted in a massive light show that lit up the night and could be seen from miles away. During the eery explosions, the mysterious bright lights were said to hover in the sky directly above. The explosions went on for around 30 minutes and knocked out the power grid, causing massive blackouts throughout the city.


In video footage of the event, the strange diving lights reported by witnesses are shown right before the explosions and hovering in the sky during the event, which prompted speculation that it was some kind of alien attack. The official statement was that the explosions were caused when lightning struck some transformers, creating a power surge that caused them to spntaneously and spectacularly explode. This theory has been shot down by those who feel that a UFO attack did indeed occur, with one such vocal Internet user saying: “Transformers do not continue to blow up one after another for 30 minutes ...Doesn't anyone see what's going on here - Osama's dead, cue the Alien Invasion.” It is unclear just what is going on here, but the footage itself, whether it shows a real UFO attack or not, is certainly impressive for the sheer awe inspiring sight of the multicolored explosions themselves. You can see some of the footage here.

The UFO phenomenon has taken many shapes and forms over the years, and features some very dramatic accounts of all types. However, perhaps the ones that are the most unnerving are those that suggest that these entities are perhaps at times hostile, and do not come with our best interests in mind. Is this all just hysteria, wild imagination, and hoaxes or is there any reality at all behind such reports? If so, what do these mysterious agents want and why have they targeted us? Whether any of this has any basis in reality or not, it is interesting to speculate on, and a dark peek into what we might expect if UFOs were to ever lurch forth from mere sightings of anomalous lights in the sky to the sinister possibility of aggressive actions or even warfare, to step out from the fringe and from science fiction to launch into the real world.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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