Oct 05, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Cuts Through Jet Contrail – Chemtrail Proponents Cheer

How many conspiracy theories can you get in one paranormal story? Let’s count the ways. A video making the viral rounds this week shows a UFO moving in, around and eventually through a jet’s contrail, appearing to absorb whatever the contrail is made of, which chemtrail proponents say is nothing good for humans, so some are thanking the aliens in the UFO for cleaning it up. How many conspiracy theories is that?

Which side you’re on in regards to any of these issues will determine what you see in the video. The person who recorded and uploaded it lives in France near Paris and says he was watching the UFO in the evening “performing weird maneuvers, accelerating and decelerating randomly” but did not start recording it until it approached what he referred to as a “huge chemtrail.” He describes it moving in front of the chemtrail where the orb “consumed” it. Actually, “consumed” a small portion of it, so that it looked sliced or “perforated.” At that point, the UFO flew away.

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UFO positioned in front of "chemtrail' and appearing to commence consuming it

The witness is a chemtrail proponent so he asks viewers if the UFO was something man-made to remove them or an alien spacecraft to “protect us” from them. Whether it’s a chemtrail or a contrail, it’s interesting to watch the UFO cut a hole in it. Comments about the video on YouTube or in reports run the usual gamut from aliens saving us to government screwing us to the uploader fooling us with CGI.


The uploader describes himself as a ufologist and has a YouTube channel under the name WTFflow with 67 videos of UFOs he says he and his friends have witnessed and recorded. He obviously either has a good eye or a good location attractive to UFOs. It seems unusual that he didn't start recording the UFO until it appeared to interact with the "chemtrail." Anticipating criticism on the quality of the video, he apologizes for zooming out early and for using a camcorder that “doesn't have that much pixels.”

Since it’s difficult to discern from the ground whether a long vapor trail behind a jet is a contrail or an alleged chemtrail, most proponents take the easy path of assuming that all are chemtrails unless proven otherwise, which is impossible to do by just looking upwards.

It’s certainly one of the more unusual UFO sightings. combining UFOs and chemtrails to generate multiple branches of theories – conspiracy or otherwise.

What do you think?

Paul Seaburn

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