Nov 21, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Siberian Yeti Caught on Camera May be Shape-Shifting Shurale

Will the ubiquitous Russian dash-cam finally give the world some good videos of a Yeti? We may be getting closer as a new Internet upload from Siberia shows a strange large creature running in front of a car. Yeti? Some say it may be the little-known shape-shifting Shurale? Never heard of that one? Stick around.

This new sighting is the third reported in Siberia in two months and caps an exciting Yeti-spotting year that includes one reported by Russian President Boris Yeltsin. The latest video came from the dash-cam of Vadim Gilmanov, who says he was driving with friends on a snow-covered Siberian road (isn’t that redundant?) in the Republic of Bashkortostan near the Ural Mountains.

Gilmanov and his friends were tourists from the town of Uchali who had just finished climbing nearby Mount Iremel. They were driving in a so-called ‘nature protection zone’ and they estimated the next town was 30 km (18.6 miles) away. What was this large bipedal being doing out there? Farit Abdullin, the deputy head of Directorate of protected natural territories in the Republic of Bashkortostan says it wasn’t a hunter.

Hunting is forbidden there. If there earlier hunters lived in an izba, then now it is not allowed. Only along noted marked routes there passes the group of tourists with guides, with conductors.


Did they see a yeti? It's possible since they have been reported in Bashkortostan (in 2004) before and as recently as September 2016 in Novosibirsk, where hunter and fisherman Alexei Kovalenko found huge footprints he didn’t recognize.

I initially thought that it was a human's. I looked closer and realised that it did not look like a human's. It also did not look like bear's footprint. 'I'm a hunter, and I know what a bear's mark is like. It has a different shape and claws... And this one has no claws. And judging by the footsteps it walked strangely - toes inside, and the step is wide.

footprint 570x364

Kovalenko followed the footprints to a creek and backwards to an abandoned village where it appeared to have come from. Similar footprints were also reported in this area in September 2015. Kovalenko’ report prompted Alexander Shadrin, head of the village council in the same district, to tell of his own sighting on September 17, 2016. Checking to see what was disturbing his cows, he saw “glowing eyes in the dark” that belonged to what he believed was a Yeti.

Its height was roughly 2.5 meters (8.2 feet), all hairy - light silver hairs ... I was greatly scared.

Perhaps Vladimr Putin can lure the yeti out. It was reported in April 2016 that the Russian president had seen a “family” from a helicopter in the Kemerovo region.

He and his entourage saw an adult male and female, and a smaller child Yeti, at a distance of about 150 meters. At first the creatures stood and watched, then took big strides into the trees. Briefly, they reappeared as if curious about the presidential group, but then vanished again. The were covered in thick grey coloured hair and took giant steps, far bigger than a man.

Putin may want to bring along an expert in Shurale.

shurale 570x428
Statue of a Shurale

This area is also known for sightings of this mythical shape-shifting spirit with a hairy body, long fingers and one horn – well, that’s just one shape. It’s believed to also look like a peasant with glowing eyes and its shoes on backwards. It’s known to play tricks on locals – hiding axes is popular – and can get a person lost in the woods just by crossing their path. To get out, the person must turn their clothes inside out and wear their shoes on the opposite feet.

It word be worth sending Putin after this latest Yeti just to see him with his suit on inside out instead of bare-chested.

putin 1 570x321
That better be a yeti

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