Nov 16, 2016 I MJ Banias

UFO over Lima: Does Ufology Need Peru?

Recently, a video was released of a bright object travelling through the sky over Lima, the nation’s capital, which caused quite an uproar. While the video is far from perfect, and some have argued that the object was a high altitude balloon, many in Peru have had multiple sightings and even strange encounters with otherworldly beings. While UFO sightings happen all over the world, it seems that the United States maintains some sort of implied ownership over the phenomenon. It may be time to move over America, because the Peruvians seem to have a better grasp on the situation.

This most recent sighting has given many in Lima and other parts of Peru pause, but many significant Ufological moments have arisen from the country. In August of this year, a security camera recorded an alleged alien being moving around the perimeter of a gas station. The supposed entity was eventually chased away by a gas station employee and disappeared across a busy highway.

In 2015, a Peruvian television show was interrupted by a strange purple disc shaped object hovering over a construction site. The crew began to film the strange UFO as it simply moved around the site until eventually disappearing. Witnesses on the ground reported watching the object for nearly two hours.

One of the most famous cases from Peru was from 1980, and featured in Leslie Kean’s UFOs; Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record. Peruvian air force pilot Oscar Santa Maria Huertas and his Sukhoi-22 fighter jet were scrambled to intercept an anomalous object, initially thought to be a balloon, hovering in restricted airspace near La Joya Air Force Base.

According to Huertas,

I was in full pursuit of the object, when it came to a sudden stop and forced me to veer to the side...I tried to position myself for another shot...I locked on the target...but just at that moment, the object made a fast climb.

Upon firing at the object, he recalls,

It seemed as if the bullets were wasn't damaged at all.

Peru has no shortage of excellent UFO cases; and neither does the United States for that matter. However, when exploring the phenomenon itself, Peru is doing a much better job for two reasons. First, the country has an official public agency, the Peruvian Office of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research, which is tasked with investigating UFO sightings. The department was reopened in 2013 because the country experienced a significant increase in sightings. Secondly, the cultural bias towards UFOs, and the taboo therein, is significantly lower in Peru, and many other parts of South America. Maybe it’s all those Nazca Lines and mysterious temples, but most Peruvians do not dismiss the UFO phenomenon as ridiculous, or some strange psychosis for the lunatic fringe.

Whether this most recent sighting is a legitimate unknown or not, Peru seems to be good territory for Ufology. Who’s up for a trip to Lima? I’ve always wanted to climb Machu Picchu.

MJ Banias

MJ Banias is the author of “The UFO People: A Curious Culture” and curates the popular Fortean blog “Terra Obscura" and YouTube channel. He has appeared on multiple radio shows and podcasts including Coast to Coast AM, and his work has appeared in Fortean Times Magazine, FATE Magazine and in the book, “UFOs: Reframing the Debate."

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